Loan Mods and Short Sales don't mix well...

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Loan Mods and Short Sales don't mix well...

We have a Short Sale that's just stalled, no matter what we do it's not getting traction....        

                                                         flip house

  Here's the answer why...  after getting the negotiator to look back through the file he found that this owner had been approved for a loan modification and that had caused the system to stop processing any of the short sale tasks that need to be done. Once the status was changed to short sale, my stalled short sale got back on track. Another lesson learned, Loan Mods and Short Sales don't mix.

If you are needing help with a Short Sale listing or have questions with an existing short sale in the Murrieta/ Temecula Valley please contact us. There is never a charge for our short sale services. We are Short Sale Specialists.

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