Do You Have Credit Score Under 700? Don't worry, there is Good News ACORN

Real Estate Sales Representative with Keller Williams Realty

Yes, the sky is falling and the end is near if you listen to the news.  Some  people are asking if the American Dream is dead. Some would say yes--and let them. You can be smarter than your neighbors. For people who are willing to give up a few weekends, do a little homework and connect with their local ACORN organization.  They could be on the road to ownership and the security of a solid fixed loan at a lower rate.

Since 1987 ACORN has been a formidable advocate for affordable housing.  The phrases Grass-roots and nationwide are usually acronyms, but both terms describe ACORN. The mission of ACORN Housing is make housing more accessible to moderate and lower income groups. They do this through mortgage loan counseling  first-time homebuyer classes, and leading clients to affordable mortgages through banks who have special partnerships.

According to their website, by joining AHC (ACORN Housing Corporation)  a person will receive:

  • Lower down payments and closing costs. 
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance.  
  • With our program, all steady income counts.

Check them out today and get going on your future.

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