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Lake Merritt Real Estate Hidden Treasure- Needle in the Haystack How to Stick out Like a Sore Thumb

Real Estate Sales Representative with Keller Williams Realty

Lake Merritt Condos in Oakland are so plentiful it they are sitting on the market like fruit rotting off an unharvested tree.  There are just so many! But don't let the competition fool you. There are absolute treasures in Lake Merritt.  Of course you may have to sort through a lot of hay before you find the needle, but the sifting is worth it!

Last week one of my clients told me that he wanted to find a condo near Oakland's Lake Merritt. Okay, so, like I always do, I scheduled some of my time to physically, not virtually, but physically visit some candidates. I visited 28. 

After a while I could tell that many sellers, just didn't get it. They did realize what they were up against. They made the 10  most common Errors Seller make in a Buyers Market. If you want that report email me and I will send it to you.

But here are 2

1. No reports.  This is so basic. Make it easy for the buyer to say yes. Get a pest inspection and home inspection. Buyers like to know up front what they are getting into.

2. Too much stuff. Get a storage unit.  People don't want to see clutter. Many people associate clutter with poor property condition.  That is an illogical conclusion, but one that can be easily avoided with proper cleaning.