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Lake Merritt Condo-Needle in the Haystack-Part 2 for Buyers

Real Estate Sales Representative with Keller Williams Realty

But beyond the tragedy of the sellers, there was the tragedy of the perfectly prepared, and perfectly priced condos that are not getting the traffic that they deserve.  My client has found a wonderful deal, and yet there is one Lake Merritt Condo that is still out there, that I can't get out of my head. 

Imagine coming home to an Italian spa every night. This condo had it all exquisite bathrooms, wonderful kitchen, smart use of light and space and it has sat on the market for over 2 weeks. This beautiful condo is the tragedy of a glut of inventory.  It isn't that people don't want to buy, it is that there is so much inventory to get through that it is hard to find that needle in the haystack. By the way, this beautiful condo is not my listing. But if you want the address just email and I will give it to you.

My point is this, of the many condos I visited, this one had most of competition out distanced by a mile. Eventually someone will look at it and buy it. But that person, in the meanwhile is going to have keep sifting and the condo will have to keep waiting. And hoping that the buyer doesn't give up at condo number 7. So, CJ are you saying that I have to look at about 30 places before I find the right one? No!! I am not saying that at all. In fact, if you plan to view 30 places and find out the second one you viewed was the best, by the time you get back to the second one, another buyer may be moving his boxes off the truck into the dream home you could have had.  

You can make you shop smarter.

1.Get a personal shopper--a realtor who looks at inventory weekly. Oh let me say that correctly, one who physically looks at inventory, not just browse the internet.

2 Be specific as possible with your Realtor.  Tell her what you want in every room.  You can save a lot of time by being specific. 

3. Stay focused. If you want granite counters, great!! You can get them, but ask yourself if it came between a granite countertop and a view--which is priority one, and which is priority 2? Do you know? Once you know for sure, then tell your realtor your preferences in the order of preference and she can lead you to your best choices.

There are 7 more Tips just email me and I will send the rest, but meanwhile, be straightforward with your realtor and ask her, how many properties does she view per week. Email me and tell me what your real estate pros say.