Santa Clara FSBO: I Went to Your Open House Today - You Were Not There

Real Estate Agent with The Papas Group (DRE #01766524)

Dear For Sale By Owner:

I picked up a flyer and, while reading it on your sidewalk, no less than SIX couples stopped by to see your home. All were disappointed. I was close enough to hear what was being said as they saw your closed door, the chair out front with flyers held down by a rock and a sign on your door saying to take a flyer and leave offers at the door -- none of the comments were positive. Two couples said they were considering making offers on the other two places being shown today just a few doors down form yours.

It appears that not being there may have cost you an opportunity to sell today. I'm not sure, but it did look that way to me, a real estate professional. I hope you can make it up tomorrow.

You may have no interest whatsoever, but loosing those buyers today may be a new opportunity to reconsider having a professional work with you. A pro would have been there on site, would have asked the right questions of everyone who walked in, and identified those buyers ready to make offers. Qualified buyers are a scarce resource that should not be squandered in this challenging market.

I'm not going to insult your intelligence and lie to you that I had buyers with me or that you should list with me. You're sharp enough to know what's right for you and I respect that. I always try to provide some constructive feedback on all properties I see regardless if an Owner or a fellow Agent. I believe it is in all of our interestes to help properties be sold as quickly as possible.

One final bit of feedback: your price should be set such that it motivates a buyer to make make an offer and to initiate negotiations. Yours needs to be reevaluated to reflect current market conditions. You're smart enough to know that price is not what you think the house is worth, how much you spent on upgrades, or how much money you need to make your next move. 

In short, selling price is all about the buyers and not about you, your situation, or your needs. The quicker you recognize that and adjust accordingly, the quicker your place will sell, with or without an agent. Buyers will compare to see how much bang for their bucks they are getting and make offers accordingly. Plain and simple -- no magic formula. 

I don't believe in telling people what they want to hear, so it could be that you have no interest in talking with me at all. If so, then that works out just fine for the both of us. I believe in truth.

You have my contact information below if you would like a frank and truthful discussion sometime in the future. 

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