When is Free ever Free? Right!

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Free is never free! Well apparently until March 31st 2011 there is a little bit of free, free!

Of course there are a couple of conditions. You need to be a British owned and operated business in the USA. and you need to register your company before 31st March 2011.

So what do you do?

Go to a new British Expatriate forum website and join. Then click on the "BritsInAmerica" tab, them click "add your business" on the left hand side. Now click on "British Run Business Listing" and follow the instructions.

Richard Charman ( said "it's free until March 31st 2011, that's forever. Even if the area isn't online yet, if they register their business it will be free."

So I don't know why you are still reading this post, it can't get any better than it already has! as had approximately 1.1 million visits in 13 months which is fairly impressive for a new site.