Illegal Aliens

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Illegal Aliens

Okay, here it is my rant on illegal immigration. I just can't take it any longer. I know this is going to offend some of the people that I know, but so be it. If they can't understand my position then they are offending me.

First, let me state that if I lived in Mexico and I wasn't borne of the privileged class, then I would be doing everything I possibly  could to get out of that  country and into one that offered me a future and the possibility of a better life.


However, I would do it like I do everything else; I would do it in accordance to the law. And if I broke the law I would take the responsibility of paying for my actions.


I know many people here, and some I call friends, who I know are here illegally.

 I sympathize with them and their situation. But that is as far as it goes.

Illegal need to sympathize with my feelings as a citizen of this country. That is the least they can begin to do. If they are ever to be granted citizenship then they need to take the responsibility for their actions and begin to do what is necessary to legally comply with our great countries Laws. If that means going back home first, then that's what it means.

There are numerous legal processes enabling people to freely enter this country and eventually obtain citizenship.

Illegally crossing the border smirks of obtuse snobbery and belligerent arrogance. How dare anyone who crosses our border illegally think that they deserve more rights then someone who is legally waiting to do so? How dare they expect the same rights that I have as a citizen. I have to obey the law and they don't. Are you F'ing Kidding me!!!!!!!



Immigrants are hard working honest people who respect America, its citizenry and its laws, and demonstrate that by obeying them and not breaking them.


Illegal immigrants are criminals, Period.


 Just because they can stream over the border on foot or in the back of a truck without being caught, by no means grants them the right to be here. Neither does coming here illegally and popping out a kid!!

Millions around the world follow legal immigration procedures to get here. The Border crossers spit in their faces and mine when they don't follow the same procedures.

If the bleeding hearts are so worried about their rights and treatment then let them stay at their houses and let them feed, shelter and provide for their medical needs and carte blanch birthing extravaganzas.

 Let them designate a greater portion of their salary to help pay for all of this and allow me the freedom not to.  Let them pay my part of the gigantic over burdensome school tax accessed for every new home built in LA. I don't have kids and I certainly don't want to pay for yours. Talk about someone's rights being violated!!!!!!!!


50% of the students enrolled in LAUSD are from illegal households. 50% don't graduate.

Their families refuse to learn English.


Did you read the latest census statistic? Of the 48 million people that don't have medical insurance, 50% of them are illegal aliens...What!  We have a medical insurance crisis in America???


Citizens pay for medical care either through taxes or law suits or eventually the forfeiture of their property when they die to satisfy the bill. I have seen this happen many times.


When I an Anglo, go to the emergency ward the administrators are on me like flies on you know what ,to get me to sign a blizzard of forms with all of my pertinent personal information for them to have access to so they can  hunt me down it the future if I don't pay my bill.

But if you," no speak English", they don't even bother to ask if you a citizen. They slip you the indigent forms to mark your X and then send the bills to the Federal Government so they can have me pay for them later!!!

Illegal Aliens ...Its gratis baby!! Free medical. Free, Free, Free!!!!!  It's hard to collect from someone when you have no idea where they are from.  Especially if they flee back across the border after they pop out a few kids or get that heart bypass surgery.


Hey Hillary Clinton, here's my solution to the medical insurance crisis... Resign your citizenship; go to Mexico...If they will let you in, if they catch you there illegally they throw your ass in jail... Then sneak back across the border into the United States and go to the hospital of your choice for free services and world class care.



All the bogus facts and figures spouted about the benefits illegal pay back into the economy are horse crap. Most employers pay in cash. The illegal run most of that money back across the Border to Mexico. Being involved in the building industry for many years in Los Angeles I can expertly testify that this is a fact.


Why do you think the Mexican Government wants an open border policy?

Because 50% of that countries income is derived from illegal working here.


My Great Grandparents wanted to immigrate here at the turn of the century. But guess what, they were Italian and that immigration quota had long been satisfied. There only choice was to move to Greece and live there for five years to fulfill immigration eligibility from that country.

Two weeks after their arrival in this country they were killed in a bomb blast in downtown New York City set off during a skirmish between Serb and Croatian immigrants.

My Grandfather was left an orphan on those mean streets at the age of nine.

My family uprooted their lives to move to another country to get here and then they give their lives to allow me to eventually be borne her. But most importantly they did this all while obeying the laws that had been written to allow immigration.

Illegal crossing the Mexican Border to get here and then demanding rights and citizenship denigrate the great sacrifices my family  and millions more have made to get here legally .

Mind the gates at our borders.  Make people obey the law. Protect our great country. Allow legal immigration to flourish.

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Simple....10 year jail term for anyone who employs an illegal--- the problem will stop tomorrow...

We fight the symptom not the cause.

Sep 21, 2007 05:45 AM
Larry Wright
nwRealty.Com - Tacoma, WA
Chris ... we're not doing ourselves or our neighbors down south any favors by not reversing the trend.  The fact is that it is more dangerous for Mexican citizens to take control of their own government than it is for them to risk their lives crossing the border and submitting themselves to a sub-class existence.
Sep 21, 2007 06:06 AM
Ann Guy
NA - Allentown, PA

I do not disagree with the fact that if you are here illegally, not paying taxes, then you should not have access to government-funded benefits. 

However, I do disagree that you seem to have picked out one specific group to target (at least the way I read it).   I understand that due to your geographic area, you may encounter more then I do, for example. There are many illegal immigrants that are not Mexican.


Sep 21, 2007 06:07 AM

Entitled Americans!

Ha, just wait as the dollar collapses!

Oh and by the way, keep your white sock wearing obese butts out of Europe and elsewhere where you cant speak the language....laziest people refuse to learn any other language...and the are completely intollerant

Sep 21, 2007 06:23 AM

Just commin in like the settles did to the native Americans. Who were the illegals then?

Stop being brown phobic and realize this is the history of our continent!

Sep 21, 2007 07:44 AM


I would never wish to throw scorn on the poor seeking healthcare. I believe it is nice to help your fellow man. Remember the accident of privillege that had you oen in this country and feel blessed...

Don't you feel good that you have abundence enough to allow yourself to help your fellow man in need?

Maybe life is not a test....maybe not

Sep 21, 2007 07:52 AM
Chris Benice
General Realty - Encino, CA

Jason, right on we need to take the front line of responsibility. As a business owner I have always documented my employees. It's good business practice. Can you imagine if an illegal was to be hurt on the job and then files an action against you...

Larry..What are you talking about..How racists of you to imply that Mexicans are not responsible enough to control their own country!!!

Ann...I referenced Mexico as an example..Yes because it is attached to the United States and its proximity allows for the flood of illegals. If we were attached to Iraq we would have a flood of illegals from there. Yes there are many other daily illegally entering from both borders and along our coast lines. This makes this problem  all the more intolerable ...Thanks.

Fred..You racist fascist cow. How is the Fuhrer!! I don't wear white socks, I am not Obese, I don't live in Europe. If I did I would speak the language of that country if I had any thought of arising out of serfdom.

Your bigoted hate of the country that saved your ass from domination by the Nazis' demonstrates your extreme low self esteem. Take your weekly shower and learn to read...Its obvious you didn't read a word of what I wrote.

Alvin...Hitler used the same argument to invade Poland.

Jesus ...United sates citizens all deserve health care . Illegals need to go back to the country they came from and seek it there, or file the correct paperwork to enter our system legally like millions of honest law abiding people all over the world do. Then they can also share in our great health care system.  Look at California. 1/3 of our hospitals are about to go Bankrupt because they are over burdened taking care of illegals and the massive number of children they continue to birth hear, and are totally incapable of providing for.  You can pay for their care. My dollar goes only to citizens of this country. Let them live and eat at your home. Let your congress person know you want to be able to send a greater portion of your paycheck to help out the illegals . I choose not to. Walk the talk !!!



Sep 23, 2007 08:43 AM
You people all HAVE ISSUES
Sep 25, 2007 08:05 AM

¡Porción del gringo de la charla! La esperanza I no te ve cara fea levantarse al lado de mí en la autopista sin peaje.

Sep 25, 2007 08:10 AM