Lease listings online but not in MLS - Be Cautious!

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When you are searching for homes for lease in Allen or anywhere in the Collin County area and are looking at popular online posting sites or other posting[services not from listings sent to you by a real estate agent be very careful.

If you are looking at a lease and the price seems to good to be true it most likely is. For example this is from an email sent in response to a home listed for a home in a golf course community This home has been totally remodeled. All wood floors, new appliances, RO System and soft water and landscape service included. Great home has it all and utilities are included in the rent. The person had listed this home for 900.00 amonth with lawn care and utilities included in the rent? Sound to good to be true? Absolutely it is! There are hardly any apartments that offer all bills paid anymore in the Dallas area and throw in the yard care all for less than 1000 per month.

This home was valued at almost 200k and over 2100 square feet in an area where rents not inclusive of yard care, Rents in this neighborhood average about 1750 per month and unlike the ad mentioned there were no wood floors from what the folks could see through the windows. The person that claimed that this were their home also used the last name of the person on title but it did not match the whole name as it was a living trust. They claimed to be on mission in West Africa and wanted to be kind to others and lease out the home at far below market. They gave an overseas phone number and also stated that they did not list it with an agent because the agents they spoke with were dishonest and had removed the sign from the front yard. Who would take care of the maintenance issues? Where would you send your rent?

Here is some of the information notice the improper use of the English language and non capitialized wording.

You can reach agreement with me owner , because of the issue i experience with those dishonest agent We decide to  left with the key, remote and the papers.  I'm willing to rent out the home to a person who can promise me he/she will care for the house as we use to do when we are in the state and who is able to come up with   monthly rent of $900 and a security deposit of $1150 ($2050) but Security Deposit first as a move in deposit and I will like him/her to assure me that the house will be properly managed.  Concerning the lease, duration is minimum of 6months or according to the wish of -tenant need. I have received some proposals regarding the rent because it is located in a very good area of plano TX    , but I still have to make sure it is rented out to someone who can take good care of it.

Here was their lease application note that it asks nothing of the standard lease forms that anyone locally uses,


FIRST NAME:__________________
MIDDLE NAME: _________________
LAST NAME: __________________
PROFESSION: ________________
PHONE (____) __________
(CELL)PHONE (____) __________
(WORK)PHONE (____) __________
(HOME)KIDS _____ (YES/NO), HOW MANY ________
PRESENT ADDRESS: _____________________
CITY: _______________
STATE: ______________
ZIPCODE: ____________ HOW LONG? ___________IF RENTING
NAME OF PET: _____________
KIND OF PETS: _____________
DO YOU SMOKE? ______________
DO YOU DRINK? ______________
DO YOU WORK LATE NIGHT?                      

What type of issues might you have if you had sent the money to these folks? I am guessing it would be gone. Worse yet what if you actually moved in assuming they had a locksmith change the locks and you get a knock on your door asking what you are doing there and being greeted by someone in law enforcement. Just another reason you want to be working with a Realtor to help you in any type of residential real estate transaction.

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