My dog "Shadow" just chewed up another shoe.

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What the heck? I just thought I had put all my shoes on the shelf where "Shadow" could not get to them.  Well some how he found one of them and now it is not very pretty.  Last week he chewed up my black sandles, and the week before he chewed the tassles off my husbands dress shoes.  Does he look guilty or what?  He is the cutest Pomeranian ever!  I guess I am pretty lucky to have him. 

                                                         pomeranian dog shadow blanket room whiskers, mouth eyes ears muttShadow


I don't know who is the smartest here, my dog or me.  I think it is the dog because you would think I would be smart enough to hide every chewable thing in my house. He is the cutest dog ever.  At night time he thinks he is a cat, as he snuggles up to you.  We are both crazy about him!

                                 Bryan and Shadow








When my husband leaves the house you can hear him saying:  I love you Shadow, you are so cute.  I will be right back.  I will bring you a treat.  I yell back:  Love you too.  Honestly, sometimes I wish I was a dog. 


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Sarah Border
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Who wouldn't love that sweet face!  I have to admit myself I treat my dogs like kids, even putting ground beef and hotdogs mixed in their food sometimes, I know I have a problem.

Aug 09, 2011 05:00 AM