Baldwin Jewelers: Recommended Custom Jeweler in Sierra Madre, California

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Baldwin Jewelers: Recommended Custom Jeweler in Sierra Madre, California


If you are looking for an honest and upfront jeweler go no further than Baldwin Jewelers. Finally, a jeweler who takes pride in what he offers his clients. Berj, a Master Jeweler, makes every effort to please his customers and offers the highest quality products at FAIR PRICES.


I have used Baldwin Jewelers a couple times before, but was in a rush this time around. I took too long to start my 2010 Christmas shopping. I rushed to the Jewelry District in downtown Los Angeles thinking I could find a solution to my problem there. I spent hours going through several different displays of jewelery looking for a pair of white gold Diamond-studded, Heart-shaped earrings. I was on the hunt for a pair similar to what my sweetheart wore to her Prom, many moons ago.


The originals were costume jewelry and now tarnished. I thought it should be easy to find a replica. Boy, was I wrong. After the third hour, I was started considering buying her a necklace instead. Then finally I found something similar, a pair of heart-shaped cuff links. They were a close match, but not exact. I asked how much to convert them into earrings and I was quoted $500!

Baldwin Jewelers Display Front

There were other heart-shaped earrings, but were thinner and unlike the Prom earring set. Those were running about $250-$350. So I asked myself whether I should just go ahead and get the less expensive set or pay to convert the cuff links. Then it dawned on me, "How much could it cost to make them from scratch?"


I called Berj and told him my perdicament. He asked for a cellphone picture of the Prom earrings and I emailed it to him. I called him back 10 minutes later, and he told he could custom-build a 14K gold/diamond replica for $425. Wow! I imagined the look on my sweetheart's face when you would receive them. I thought to myself, why did I not call Baldwin Jewelers first.


Baldwin Jewelers will, from now on, be the only jeweler I will ever use, no matter how far away or pressed for time I am. Berj had proved to me once again his level of service and value. He was brought up among multiple generations of European-trained Master Jewelers, and knows his business like no one else.

15 Kersting Court, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

(626) 355-5771  Closed Sundays and Mondays

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