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The Home Buying Process From Start to Finish

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The Home Buying Process From Start to FinishAre you interested in purchasing a Charlotte home?  Do you have questions about how this works?  The following is a guideline to the home buying process from start to finish:

1. Get Pre-Approved.  Being pre-qualified isn't enough anymore.  To really get started in buying a Charlotte home, you need to get pre-approved by your lender.  This will give you a distinct price range.  Nearly all sellers in the Charlotte real estate market will require a preapproval before even considering your offer.  Also, there is little worse during the home buying process than falling in love with a home that you are not able to purchase.

2. Hire a Real Estate Professional.  Yes, you can look for a home online.  But nothing beats hiring a professional for your real estate needs.  They have access to available homes that the regular buyer may not.  They also are familiar with local real estate market conditions and protect you by asking the right questions and assisting you with the search process in general.  They know the neighborhoods and the process of submitting an offer - whether it be your first home or a move-up (or move-down!).  With many short sales, foreclosures and other distressed property sales on the market these days, it would be foolish to go at it alone.  Use this experience to your advantage.

3. Start Your Search.  Your real estate professional can look for available Charlotte homes and can send you listings on a regular basis.  You can still look online if you like or drive around neighborhoods you like and make notes of homes you see that you might be interested in.

4. Purchase Agreement.  Once you have found the right home for you, your Charlotte real estate agent will go over the Offer to Purchase with you, along with analyzing the comparable properties to ensure that you understand how your home compares to others that are currently listed and have sold.  With this agreement, you will submit in writing how much you are offering to pay for the home, what personal property will be conveyed (if anything) in the purchase, any contingencies and when you wish to close.

5. Mortgage Closes.  After all parties have reviewed and signed off on the paperwork on your Charlotte home, your mortgage will close.  Once the title is legally filed, you will be given the keys and the house is officially yours.

6. Move In.  Welcome to the joys of homeownership!

Owning a home is a big step in your life.  If you have any questions about the home buying process from start to finish, just let me know.

Robin Husney, your Charlotte real estate specialist