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Chastain Park Real Estate sales for detached homes held fairly steady in 2010 slipping just slightly to a total of 70 (versus the 2009 total of 71).  Prices continue to compress though as Sellers give in to the extent necessary to move their properties.


When it comes to real estate help with specific neighborhoods, you can typically find an agent who specializes there but there is a big "if"... IF that agent can convey that local expertise in a way that can be found and recognized on the web.  You may end up finding an agent who has mastered search engines while posing as a neighborhood expert.  That person may not necessarily be the agent who knows the neighborhood the best.  The internet can be a tricky thing but savvy buyers and seller can usually spot the genuine article if they dig a little deeper into the websites.  We invite you to dig into to ours.

At we monitor Chastain Park real estate inventory and sales every month to make sure we can deliver the best insight available to people looking to buy or sell in this neighborhood. We watch the market activity daily and love to discuss the lastest developments. If you have ANY questions about Chastain Park real estate whether single family, condo, townhome, developed lot or rental - we can help!


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