Mississauga Neighborhoods – How to Choose the Right One for You

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The first step in search for a new home is choosing the which neighborhood to live in.

So how do you choose the right Mississauga Neighbourhood for you?

The type and size of home you are looking for, as well as your budget will, to a certain degree determine which Mississauga Neighborhoods will be candidates for your attention.

However some other factors you may wish to consider are as follows:


Mississauga was to begin with primarily a bedroom community for the City of Toronto and while it has grown beyond that role to a large degree, a great many people commute to Toronto on a daily basis.

If you find yourself in this category easy access to highways may be important to you.

The GO transit system is a convenient and popular mode of transportation for people travelling to Toronto daily.

There are several GO stations located throughout Mississauga and perhaps a Mississauga Neighbourhood close to one these would be ideal for you.

Mississauga Transit system also has scheduled buses, some of them express service that will take you to the Toronto subway system.


If you have school age children Mississauga Public Schools or Mississauga Catholic Schools along with their ratings will be important information for you to research in a Mississauga Neighborhood.

Crime Rates

Unfortunately criminal elements in society need to live somewhere also.

Statistical information from your local police station will let you know if any of these elements are at work in the Mississauga Neighborhoods you are considering.

A drive around the neighborhoods in Mississauga should reveal signs such as vandalism, graffiti and an overly abundant number of alarm systems suggesting that neighborhood may be one you would rather avoid.


Decide what amenities you would like to have close by.

Would you like to walk to the grocery store instead of driving?

Would you like your children to be able to walk to school safely unaccompanied when they are old enough?

Is proximity to parks and walking trails important to you?

Would you like a quiet neighborhood or one full of hustle and bustle?

Would you like to live in an established neighborhood or a new development?

Future Developments

A quick trip to City Hall will let you know if there are any future developments planned for your chosen Mississauga Neighborhood.

Development can and very often will bring changes to a neighborhood, a good example of which is increased traffic.

If you discover that future development is in store for your chosen neighborhood you will need to decide if you can live with any changes that may happen as a result.

Property Values

Have the values of property in the neighborhoods you are considering been increasing and at what rate?

What are the expectations of future property values?

Your buyers agent should be able to help you with these questions

Property Taxes

Unfortunately with home ownership come property taxes.

What are the property taxes and how much have they increased over the last 5 years?

How much are they expected to increase over the next 5 years?

You will need to determine if the rate of property taxes fit your budget.

Maintenance Fees

If your decision is to buy a Mississauga Condominium or one of the many Mississauga Townhouses for sale you will want to check the level of increases in the monthly maintenance fees and any possible future increases.

This may sound like a daunting task however when all your research is done and you have settled into your new home you can enjoy your Mississauga Neighborhood.

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