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With the Internet at our finger tips you as a consumer have access to an amazing amount of information. Many sites can tell you the square footage, age, most recent sales and give you an idea of the homes value. So now that you have this information what do you do with it? Wait for the house you want to drop to a "more" reasonable price? What is reasonable? What is the true value of the home you want? Are you willing to wait yourself into losing that house? 

I understand  a buyers need to not over pay for a house and in fact get a "deal". This is after all a BUYERS market.

So as we watch the house you want to drop in price you may want to ask yourself how many others are doing the same thing!

I suggest that we get AHEAD of the curve, drive the price down with our negotiations and get the house you want without going into MULTIPLE offers. 

My job is to know what you do not know and to help you negotiate your best DEAL! So...if you want a home in Lake Arrowhead, lets go get it!


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Lake Arrowhead Home Sales Statistics


There are currently 266 active listings within "The Woods" or "AW" of Lake Arrowhead. The largest selection is in the $300,000 and lower price range with 76 homes available and in the $400,000 price range where there are 71 homes available. Pricing is below 2003 levels, which means in most cases, much of the price increase that occurred in the years when homes lasted on the market only a few days in a feeding frenzy and buyers had to deal with multiple offers is long gone.

In 2010 the number of homes sold was very close to the 2009 levels with pricing decreasing slightly year over year. In the last 90 days 59 homes have sold/closed with 26 homes currently pending. Activity is brisk and those buyers that are willing and ready to write offers on homes that may appear over priced are finding great values. Buyers are buying "up" now and getting so much more for their money.


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Winterfest 2011

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Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille Review!


My family has lived in Lake Arrowhead for almost 8 years now and although we have our favorite restaurants I always thought Lake Arrowhead needed a sports bar. Somewhere that you can go watch the game and have a beer and maybe an appetizer, but also a place you can have a fun meal with family and friends. Just a good relaxed atmosphere. Well they did it! The Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille opened a few months ago in Blue Jay Village which is less than a 5 minute drive to Lake Arrowhead Village.

  Our first visit was about a month ago on a Sunday afternoon. With 15 flat screen T.V.'s scattered throughout the restaurant and bar area with football on almost every channel you can imagine how fun the atmosphere was. What is really special about this place to me is the food. It is not the typical deep fried greasy bar food you can expect. Although they do have those staples such as, deep fried pickles, irish nachos, and hot wings, they also have deep dish pizzas, gourmet burgers, steak, fish, and wondeful salads. You can tell their sauces are all house made and everything is fresh. They have a large beer, wine and spirits menu as well.


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Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille
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Winter in Lake Arrowhead is amazing and I love our winter wonderland. You can snow ski, snow hike, ice skate, sled, build snow people of just enjoy a hot toddie in front of a beautiful fire. Come on up! Cj VanDerMeulen CaPre Real Estate 949.922.3207