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The PATH for your dreams starts here All you need to do is to walk on it. It takes LEADERS with Vision to help people with dreams. With NLC International, our Dreams can come true! NLC International is an Opportunity like No Other

Marketing RepresentativeHave you ever dreamed of seeing the world after you retired, only to find out that you can't afford it?


With a sluggish economy, overall insufficient savings and a depleted Social Security fund, you're not the only one seeking extra income options.



According to a 2005 U.S. Census Bureau report, an estimated 78.2 million baby boomers will be heading into retirement within the next six years. A Congressional budget office report on the retirement prospects of baby boomers shows that nearly half of that demographic giant is set to experience a decline in their standard of living.


Those are some alarming statistics, but there are many opportunities for you to consider when searching for ways to earn extra income to improve your current lifestyle. The internet has made working from home easier than it ever has been before. In fact there are more Internet business opportunities out there than any one person could possibly find, and some of them could be perfect for YOU!



Unfortunately, too many people get into online marketing business without any kind of marketing plan and fail to make money as a result. No matter what you will need a marketing strategy, if you intend to make a successful goal of any business opportunity.


If you have been searching for the right opportunity to fulfill your financial dreams, look no further. NLC International is the company of the future. We offer a unique marketing plan, and astoundingly flexible ways to earn supplemental income from the comfort of your own home.



All that is required of you is your desire to be successful and a commitment to follow our business format system. Since most of our business can be done through the internet, all you need to run your online home business is a phone, a computer and an Internet connection.


With NLC International, you can not only supplement your retirement income, but you can also build a stream of residual income that will help pay for those special things you always wanted to do. The best part is that everyone can be a member of NLC International with NO MAJOR investment involved


.TESTIMONIALS: See what others say about NLC International who are real members. Click here and a new window will come up so that you can watch this short video and hear what our members have to say!


You will get paid for every client you refer to our team of experts for Loan Modifications


Receive generous commissions and overrides by building your own business in the mortgage industry


Receive generous commissions and overrides by building your own business in the Real Estate industry


Receive generous commissions, overrides and residual income by building your own business for Electricity


Receive generous commissions, overrides and residual income by building your own business in the financial services industry


Build your own business by providing affordable healthcare products through our large network of providers


Get paid for your own travel bookings and for any travel sale that is booked through the travel website


Your own online wireless store to enjoy great savings or earn income for every mobile sale or service.


Receive generous monthly residual income by helping people obtain more healthcare and lifestyle benefits for less


Build your business in multiple industries for multiple income streams and it can all start happening for you today!


You will have access to our Online Leadership Broadcast every week for training and marketing purposes as well as full access to the Virtual Learning center with over 400+ on demaind videos.

You can shop, save and earn great income with hundreds of brand name merchants through your own consumer services website. With all the merchants involved you will have Millions of products and services that you can shop, save and earn with.

All of the above industries come with capture pages that you can use as a part of your membership as a Marketing Representative and so we have done ALL the hard work for you! All you have to do is refer and when the lead comes in, the Corporation will take care of the REST and YOU make money!


You also receive a FREE local and long distance calling in the United States using the magic Jack which is the Product of the year for 2008!


Receive with your membership all Capture Pages for Lead Generation


New Lending Concepts (Loan modification)

Value Care Plus (Healthcare)

NLC of America (Mortgage Loans)

Homeland Realty (Real estate)

NLC Debt Solutions (Debt solutions)

NLC Financial Services (Full line of Insurance products)

New Lending Concepts (Business Opportunity)

NLC Travel (Business Opportunity)

NLC International Memberships (Business Opportunity)


So what are capture pages? These are individual pages that make a presentation and if the viewer wants more information they fill out the simple form! After they fill out the form you receive an email, corporate receives an email and the person who filled out the form receives an email. All of the non-Business Opportunity leads are followed up on BY THE CORPORATION and their Team of Experts! You only follow up on the leads for building your business! The Corporation will follow up on all Industry sales leads FOR YOU because each capture page is embedded with your NLC Member ID for tracking purposes. This means you will MAKE MONEY just by referring leads and we do all the hard work for you!


The best part is that you can start earning income immediately and:


You'll NEVER need to build your own website!

You'll NEVER have to meet any licensing requirements!

You'll NEVER need to carry any products or inventory!

You'll NEVER have to cold call or contact any customers!

You'll NEVER have to worry about the cost of having your own office!

You'll NEVER have to work set hours. Work in your own time!


Marketing Reps receive commissions and can earn residual income!


Marketing Reps (MR's) can earn 35% on all personal sales!

With your Consumer Services point-of-sale site you have MILLIONS of products & services!

Receive commissions from your online Travel Website for booking flights!

You receive RESIDUAL income from all Discount Benefits sales to the General public!

Earn Commissions through your online Wireless Store with all the major carriers!


Marketing Reps can earn more money and build overrides!


Earn more money as one of our Experts in the field and/or build a team!

NLC of America (Mortgage Loans) - Build a team of Loan Originators! **

Homeland Realty - Build a team of Real Estate Agents! **

NLC Financial Services (Insurance) - Build a team of Insurance Agents! **


** Please note that licensing may be required for any or all of the above industries in order for the Marketing Rep to participate. This is true for Real Estate as any commissions can only be earned by a Licensed Real Estate agent for the state in which the property was sold. Also please note that NLC International does not provide any licensing for any of the above industry services. However if you are a licensed Real Estate Agent, Loan Officer, etc., then this is an excellent opportunity for you to build a team of experts in the field and make even MORE money in overrides and commissions.


Whatever you can dream of, NLC International has the right business opportunity for you. You can start your own home based business part time and build your business at your own pace. You have the flexibility to keep your day job while building your home based business until you are at a place financially where leaving your day job will not put you or your family in jeopardy.


Our business model offers you more flexibility in your schedule so that you are able to be with your family more. You will be able to make those school and sporting events as well as other family needs. Plus it saves you money. There is no longer a long commute to work, so you save on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.


Let us not forget the fact that your business is also portable, allowing you to build your business from anywhere you wish. As long as you can get an internet connection you could be putting in your time at work while lounging on the beach or by the pool! In fact it doesn't matter where you are, you can still make money.


12-Step Process to Your Dream Income Opportunity!


Decide to register as a Marketing Representative and get started today

Pump up your business even more by building a business with our Flagship Corporations

Login to your account to access member corner where you will find all products and marketing materials

Receive your free discount prescription card with up to 60% savings in all major chains

Shop, save and earn immediate income from hundreds of brand name merchants and service providers

Free Access to hundreds of on demand videos in our Virtual Learning Center

Save hundreds of dollars in local and long distance calls is US and Canada

Earn money from your own travel or send your travel site to anyone and you make money

Your own wireless store with exclusive discounts customized for our NLC members and their customers

Earn generous overrides & residuals by building your own business in all our flagship companies

Free access to our weekly leadership channel and this includes full access to the Virtual Learning Center

Free member support available nationwide


Consider NLC International as a supplemental source of income and start enjoying the freedom you've looked forward to for so long. With this business model you are working right from your own home and it is all online. You can spend more time with your family and do the things you want to do.


Here is how to get started today and start earning immediate income.

  • You can get started TODAY and we will waive our normal Enrollment fee of $399.95 for a ONE-TIME payment of $200.00 that you make today! There are no more additional payments and this gives you access to all of the capture pages, the ability to build a business with our flagship companies (Mortgage, Real Estate, Financial Services), the NLC Discount Benefits point-of-sale site, the travel booking site, the consumer services point-of-sale website, Free Debt Solutions, your own online wireless store, the discount prescription card with up to 60% savings and MUCH MORE!. Your total payment today is $200.00 (Instead of $399.95) and you can start making money RIGHT AWAY!    


This is a limited special and we can only guarantee this 50% discount for a limited period of time. We can only accept a certain number of members at this price. Once our quota has been met, this special will be gone forever! We are giving you all of this for one super low price as we believe everyone should have the opportunity to earn a living from home. So hurry and order now before the price goes up! Click any one of the Registration buttons below to receive instant access to the member's area.


YES! Give me Instant access to the NLC Members Corner so I can earn immediate income today. I get the use of all the capture pages, the ability to build a business with our flagship companies (Mortgage, Real Estate, Financial Services), the NLC Discount Benefits point-of-sale site, the travel site, the wireless online store website, the consumer services point-of-sale website and the prescription card with up to 60% savings for a one-time fee of $200.00 (Regular enrollment of $399.95 Waived!). That means I will save as much as 50% off my enrollment fee by making my payment today instead of paying $399.95!



Remember this is a limited time offer so click the registration button above now and get access to your NLC Members Corner today!


Do you need MORE Information?


COMPANY OVERVIEW VIDEO: Do you need more information on the company structure of NLC International and want to see how we work? Then Click Here for a short company overview which will show you all of the aspects of NLC and how you can benefit.


COMPENSATION VIDEO: Do you need more information on the compensation plan and how you can make money with NLC International? Then Click Here for a short video on our compensation plan which will show you all of the aspects of NLC and how you can benefit.



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