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Searching for Chastain Park homes for sale can be a real challenge.  One would think it should be easy.  Websites come up in the searches that clearly offer Chastain Park as a neighborhood you can search on.  Some even claim to specialize in Chastain Park as a neighborhood.  So, what is the problem?  Well, the problem is that agents input listings by subdivision and that particular search field is not controlled by a pick list.  It is up for interpretation because most older neighborhoods in Atlanta (inside the I-285 perimeter highway) are not well defined.  Neighborhood areas like Buckhead, Brookhaven, and Chastain Park cover large areas and the boundaries are not defined like suburban neighborhoods with central entrance and a planned grid of streets.  This can make life really challenging for buyers relocating here from out of town.   As a long time neighborhood resident and local real estate expert, I decided to put on my buyer's hat and Google Chastain Park homes for sale to see what comes up.  The results were very interesting and they left me more convinced than ever that was worth the effort we put into building it.

Keep in mind that I live in Chastain Park and so the neighborhood boundaries we use are my "opinion" of what neighborhood pockets legitimately surround the park without having to cross a major road.  These boundaries encompass approximately 1600 homes that we believe comprise the Chastain Park neighborhood.  Now, back to the internet websites and my home search project. Knowing that my custom search yielded 58 actively listed homes for sale, here's what I found:

  1. The first website Google produced showed 59 homes currently for sale.  I thought - wow,  that is pretty close.  The problem is that there were 10 duplicates, 10 were condos, 2 were lots and some others were fringe locations outside of true Chastain Park.  So, at least 22 of the 59 listings displayed were not Chastain Park homes for sale resulting in a maximum of 62% accuracy.
  2. The second website Google produced yielded 74 actively listed homes for sale. After clicking on 3 or 4 properties to see the actual addresses, this site asked me to register which I declined.  This search engine eliminated the duplicates but I could definitely recognize many properties outside the neighborhood.  I was unable to get specific metrics on this search but I do know it is delivering properties that are not in Chastain Park so it is not a full and complete summery.
  3. It gets worse

To be continued...

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