Clemens Heights/Clemens Grove Subdivision in Lexington KY

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Clemens Heights/Clemens Grove Subdivision in Lexington, KY is a small
 community on the south end of Fayette County Kentucky.  The neighborhood has a surprisingly high variety of homes styles throughout the neighborhood.  Homes here were first built in the mid to late 1970’s and the subdivision was finished out in the early to mid 1990’s.  While this is an unusually long build out period, it has provided a varied and unique looking neighborhood.

Clemens Heights Subdivision is built on two sides of a hill.  The top of the ridge has a road that runs across it and bisects the neighborhood, called Twain Ridge Dr.  Clemens Drive is the road that serves as the main entry point to the neighborhood and intersects with Twain Ridge Dr. to form the nexus of the subdivision.  It also has the most homes built on this main road.   Clemens Heights can also be entered from Copper Run Subdivision by way of Calevares Dr. and through Wyndam Downs Subdivision by way of Twain Ridge Dr. 

A popular floor plan during this time was the split level, bi-level, or split foyer (depending on how you like to state it) home.  Traditionally when you enter these homes you have the option of either walking up the steps to the main floor or walking down the steps to the lower level which is usually partially below grade level.  There are a few other floor plans on this side including ranches, tri-levels, and a maybe some 2 story homes.  However, you find a higher number of homes built in the more modern and traditional floor plans like the 2 story homes with a traditional staircase connecting the first floor to the second floor, built in the 1990’s.  There are also a few modern, contemporary houses that are VERY unique looking.

The effects of such a unique neighborhood in Clemens Heights Subdivision are reflected in both the active and sold prices for the last six months.  Active listings for the area range from a 3bedroom 2 bath home that has 1,228 square feet for $124,900 to a 3 bedroom 2 full bath and 1 half bath that has 2,270 square feet for $184,500.  There have been 7 homes to sell in the neighborhood in the last year.  The low price of $87,000 was for a foreclosure that was a 3 bedroom 2 bath home on 1,416 square feet.  This home was subsequently rehabbed and resold for $140,000.  The highest selling comparable in the area was a 4 bedroom 3 full baths and 1 half bath on 3,023 square feet, which sold for $228,000.

Clemens Heights/Clemens Grove Subdivision in Lexington KY has become a very popular subdivision in the last few years because the price per square foot is below the traditional $100 per square foot of most areas of Southwest Lexington Ky.  This has allowed do it yourselfers to come in and update this older neighborhood and improve the value of homes.  If you are looking for a quaint little community that is close to a lot of churches, restaurants, shopping, and parks; this is a place worth spending an afternoon viewing homes.


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