Is it a good time to buy real estate?

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It is in the San Francisco Bay Area!  I consider San Francisco an "international destination", comparable to Hong Kong, London or New York.  When I consider making a real estate purchase, my number one motivation is preservation of capital.  Nobody wants to buy and then lose money!  I've listed several things the San Francisco Bay Area has going for it that will continue to support the housing prices in this region.

 1.  Location, location, location.  Close to Napa Wine Country, Montery/Carmel, Lake Tahoe.  Wonderful climate and no bugs!

2.  Employment Base:  We expect 500,000 new bio-tech jobs in the next 10 years in addition to already strong employment in the Silicon Valley, Agricultural, Financial and Military sectors. 

3.  THREE International Airports/Public Transit/Ocean Shipping

4.  Strong higher education institutions that employers recruit from.

5.  Signifcant tax base to support the necessary and extensive infrastructure.

The Bay Area is a "lifestyle destination" for homeowners.  Call me today for assistance in finding your dream property.  Whether you want a small patio garden or a full size bocce court and grape vineyard in your backyard, the Bay Area has something for everyone!

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