Nia Classes in San Jose

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Nia Classes -- ON-GOING NIA CLASSES in San Jose have been going on its February 2011 and these classes have been held since Feburary 2009!

In Zumba, you dance and move to music, in Nia we dance and move to music.

In Zumba, you wear shoes, in Nia shoes are optional.

Nia is unique!  Come see for yourself.  There is a FREE pass for a class on my site.  (please see site/pass for details)

Nia class in Willow Glen are on Mondays AND Wednesdays at 9:00 am until 10:00 am.

1062 Lincoln Avenue, Willow Glen/San Jose, CA

If you want more information you can visit Terre Site at or her blog at

(Terre also has a Friday class in Los Gatos at 10:30 am!)

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