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The marketplace is in a state of flux-interest rates, housing values, guidelines, and consumer confidence-now is the time to respond with better business ideas and practices. Meet other local Mortgage Professionals, Financial Advisors, RE Agents, Escrow/Title & Officers, Appraisers and Notary Signing Agents. Many parties are involved in a successful loan transaction; let's talk about how we can streamline the business to make our jobs more fulfilling and financially rewarding. Meet and share ideas, explore different concepts and strategies, discuss lead generation, foster retention, build referral systems, improve the profession, etc. We will have a rotating topic of discussion and time to network.

September Meetup-What's next for the industry? Tuesday, September 25, 2007 at 7:00PM

Brad Gust, CMPS, will be talking about the changes he has seen in his mortgage business and what he doing to survive and prosper by getting his brokerage to stand out and bring in new and additional revenue streams to his business.

We will also hear from our organizer, Josh Needle, a Financial Advisor, on how you can build a referral advisory team. Additionally, we will hear from Lorin Acosta, and learn about Next Choice Solutions, a company that can get you paid for helping distressed borrowers.

We will announce an event by Opis Network, where we expect 1000 homeowners and special guests like Magic Johnson (not confirmed). Participation privileges will be offered to those who attend this meetup. All this will make for an exciting, content rich evening, one that will hopefully leave you feeling optimistic about the future of your business. The time is now, the data is there, so if you have not participated in the past or missed the past few meetups, this would be the one to make.

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To date, subprime mortgages have been credited for bankrupting well over 154 lenders and seriously damaging operations at many major mortgage firms. They've reportedly wiped out 18 hedge funds, tens of thousands of jobs, and have led to millions of foreclosures with millions more on the way. And, as if that weren't enough, subprime mortgages are also blamed for massive volatility in the stock, bond, credit, futures, and real estate markets here in the US. And it's this volatility that is now spreading like a virus into other major financial sectors around the globe. Some say losses in the mortgage securities market alone could reach hundreds of billions of dollars this year.

- So what does it all mean?

- How is the Mortgage and Real Estate Landscape changing?

- Are there opportunities to continue to grow and thrive in the current market?

We will hear from several speakers on ways to improve the quality of your business, avenues to expand, and new revenue streams to be had. Again, this is a client friendly group. We believe that as professionals, our financial rewards for helping clients is directly correlated to how much value we add. Come be a part of that top 20% dedicating to continual improvement. As always, we will leave plenty of time for networking, so bring lots of business cards.

This event is for Mortgage & RE Professionals, Title & Escrow Officers, Notary Public, Appraisals and any other professional related to the mortgage industry. All our encouraged to attend as you never know who you will meet or what you might learn that could lead to a turning point in your business. Only by your support and participation can we continue to the group, expand our networks, increase our knowledge and grow our businesses!

Thank you all again for continued support and participation!


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Check out what members are saying about The Irvine Mortgage Professionals Meetup Group:

"I think this Meetup has a lot of potential to serve as a valuable resource to those who are serious about expanding their connections and growing their business. I know the organizer is supposed to say that, but I met some impressive people last night and I think we can do great things together." - Josh Needle

"Excellent" - Price Locke

"Everyone I met seems very nice." - Mark Thompson

"I think that this group is one which will give encouragement to others to build their business and find new ways of accomplishing their goals." - Sarah Kellers

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