Pie Town - a short trip in New Mexico

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Do you want a really great piece of pie?  One of the day trips we can make from home in New Mexico is to Pie Town New Mexico. 

We first learned of Pie Town in the Smithsonian Magazine.  This put it on our list of places to visit.  Eventually it was incorporated into a circle tour of our own making.  Often the places on our tours are for curiousity but this location had the added attraction of a small diner called the Daily Pie Cafe.  I am all for the sentiment contained in the cafe's name.

On route 60 west by southwest of Albuquerque, perhaps 160 miles, the town itself is really not recognisable.  In fact, having driven north from Sliver City, following the map to the town, we found so little that looked operational, we about turned around.  Then, on the side of the road with several cars pulled in front was the cafe.

It was busy enough that we took our seats at the counter.  You know the stools, the round ones that make you want to spin around, right beside the pie keep. Our choices were peach and apple.  They could not have been better.

No there was no big ceremony, just a great piece of pie.


Worth the trip for sure.

If you want more information, click here:  PIE


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Tim Peterson
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Thanks Priscilla-its always the cool little things like this that makes life great

Feb 09, 2011 03:48 PM