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I would like to know if anyone has found a way around Renters being permitted to have pets in a community where the regulations do not permit renters to have pets.  Owners may have pets but not Renters.  I wouldlike to think this is discriminating against renters. 

This rule/regulation limits the homeowner's chances of renting their investment property.  Why do homeowners tolerate this?


Bobbie Files
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Hi Chris,

I actually agree with the regulation of only owners being allowed to have pets and I am typically not the type of person that agrees with the "rules".

Tenants have no vested interest in the condo complex or the upkeep and maintainance of the facility like the owners do.  The owners have a financial stake in the condition and presention of the community so therefore are more likely to take care of it.  Renters are just that, they have no ties or obligations to the community above their rent. Not that all renters are bad, but they just don't have the same level of interest in the community.  If their dog soils the complex or leaves droppings everywhere or god forbid bites someone there is minimal recourse to them.  The owner however can get fined for actions such as those or even sued and have their property leined in a judgement.  That makes for far more interest and concern.


Sep 22, 2007 02:13 AM
Chris Casmirri
Sunny Sands Rentals, Inc. - Bonita Springs, FL

I am looking at this from an investers point of view.  When an investor purchases New Construction and a management company is not in place, of course, renters can have pets, as well as owners - until the community is turned over to the homeowners and then the rules and regulations change. 

As a rental agent I do screen my annual renters by doing a credit, criminal and eviction.  I have had one problem in 6 years.  I do not agree that renters do not take an interest in the community they live in.  After all they DO live in the community.  Maybe I have been lucky with my renters. 

As for Seasonal renters, when they are paying in excess of $3000 per month, they want a nice community and do take care of their surroundings.  Some communities require a security deposit for the grounds and landscaping from renters. 

I inform my renters that they have all the rights of an owner except voting and they do take an interest in the community.

Many owners are guilty of the actions of their pets and do not clean up.  I see it in my own community.



Sep 22, 2007 02:42 AM
Ronald Gillis
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Although years ago, I lived in a condo, and was not permitted any pets. I brought my cat anyway, but maintained the unit & properly sprayed for pests, etc.  Only one owner found out, and she said something to me, but said not to worry about it as long as I keep the area clean and properly maintained.  The unit was also put up for sale, and I had visitors who had no idea the cat was there (I hid her in a very unique place when they came).  NOT all renters are as diligent as me though!


Sep 22, 2007 05:03 AM