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Driving around town all day?  Treat yourself to a 15 minute vacation and stop by the Soda Pop Stop.  Not only do they have all the delicious classics (usually with sugar cane, and not all the nasty additives that most sodas have) such as grape soda, a flurry of rootbeers, and any other kind of flavor you can imagine.  They also carry tons of imported sodas like this Austrian lemonade (pictured). Get yourself an old fashioned egg cream soda, or a caffeine/guarana loaded kosher energy drink (pictured)!

My favorite idea by far though (listed on this site) was a new take on an old classic. Instead of a bouquet, bring the foodie you love a dozen rose sodas on Valentine's Day!

This place truly has everything- Organic sodas, non-carbonated drinks, sarsparillas, preservative free, green tea sodas...  DEFINITELY worth a look.

Soda Pop Stop, Inc.
5702 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90042
United States (323) 255-7115

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Apparently I need to get to Highland Park more often!

May 12, 2012 01:13 AM