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Build Your Residual Income in 2011

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The simplest definition of residuals is something that continues. The perfect example is when an actor or song writer does great work and every time it's viewed, played, etc. the artist gets paid.

At EXIT Realty, this residual effect is in everything we do. It's in the wonderful stories that will be shared in this blog over the next 5 weeks, it's witnessed throughout EXIT offices across the continent, and it's experienced through every training, convention, and mentoring opportunity available.

The pay-it-forward mentality is alive and well within this organization and we love hearing the stories of this residual effect in your lives. At the 2010 EXIT Convention people heard incredible speakers, amazing true stories and educational information to improve every facet of their lives. LOVEXIT was started during the convention with the sharing of these stories and has continued to spread like wild fire!

We have associates telling their stories in sales meetings and LOVEXIT fan pages on Facebook®. We have speakers and stories on our website, Twitter and YouTube; even within the pages of the EXIT Recruiter newspaper! The love, success and residual effect of this company, from every direction, is growing by the day.

Steve Morris said it best when he shouted a resounding, "EXIT owns the next decade" to a roar of applause from Convention attendees. The residual effect of all the positive activities going on within this company and of all the people paying it forward will make this a reality. Read these stories over the next 5 weeks, share them with others, and see what the residual effect does for you.

This article is an excerpt from the EXIT Recruiter Newspaper.  Call me at 917-578-4905 for more information