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VA financing is the home loan guaranteed program to US veteran. This enables the veterans or the spouse of the veteran to access the loans and make their dream of buying a house come true. This allows the veterans to access long term financing without a down payment. FHA and other private loans are offered with down payments. But VA loans facilitate the veterans have a 100% financing option.

These VA loans are available throughout the country, but the loan limits vary per county.  These loans are also lent only by the approved VA lenders. Military personnel both retired or on duty veterans or their spouses who want to either buy their house or refinance, should approach one of the VA approved lenders.

For any home loans or refinancing, these are issued without down payments or mortgage insurance and at low interest rates. The VA loan facilitates the veterans with 102.15 % financing up to $6,000 for well-organized improvements. A VA funding fee of 0 to 3.15% of the loan amount is charged and it is paid to the VA finance and this fee is also lent. In practice, veterans are allowed to borrow up to 102.15% of the reasonable value of the home. Veterans may go for 90% value if they are refinancing in accord to the state laws.

PMI (private mortgage insurance) is not activated in VA loans. Thus, there are no monthly payments. This makes them eligible for larger amounts than in traditional loans or private finance. Through refinancing this loan, the debt that has earlier been obligated can be consolidated.

VA loans or finance is very beneficial for the US army veterans and it is a small tribute for their hard work.

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