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In this market I know many of us come across so many people that are hurting...losing a job, divorce or death and illness.  We have a responsiblity to help, you may say why me? I ask you if you where in their shoes wouldn't you want someone to come along and help?  So as Realtors we need to train ourselves to do short sales and handle distress properties. Invest in ourselves to be the professional and take the lead when we encounter this...but this week alone I have discovered many agents professing to know what they are doing only to "screw" things us, for lack of a better word.  Or they may just be doing this job because they are in it for only the money.  They have not taken any classes on short sales, they may have not done anything more in educating themselves other than the required classes for their license... I've even found some people impersonating a realtor!  Wow!

I take pride in the fact that I am a CRS, Certified Residential Specialist along with obtaining my SFR and CHS, designations to handle Short Sales and Distress properties.  I know their are other professionals out in my Real Estate Industry and I think we are gonna have to start spreading the word in our world!  You know who you are out there just trying to make a quick buck, but you know what all you are doing is keeping our industry in the bottom as far as the surveys go, for professionals. If I'm the only one in the Real Estate industry to encounter these people, please give my moment to rant, but if you too have encountered these people, let's try and educate them.  Give me your feedback, I know money is tight for most, but just this week I had an agent want to make an offer on my listing, talking with her to get some insight, she keep professing to be an "Expert" in short sales therefore I should amend my commision structure to benefit her! Her experience amounted to a few years in the industry and she put expert on her signature......Really?  It gave me a good laugh...Any suggestions on trying to get out industry thought of in better light?  If your'e a C.R.S.  wear it Proudly!!!

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Art Hademan
Century 21 Real Estate Center - Mount Vernon, WA

The issue of inexperience and the quick sale folks is going to be debated forever.

All we can do is offer the best professional service available and build our business accordingly.

It all comes back in the long run!

Feb 12, 2011 03:34 AM
AnnaMarie Dalbey
Homestar Real Estate - Hemet, CA

Thanks, art!  I just wish more people would take the time to invest in themselves and learn this business..It's much more enjoyable when the realtors know how to do their job...

Feb 18, 2011 04:27 AM