As a Home Inspector, is it wrong to share the wealth with other inspectors?

Home Inspector with Ambassador Home Inspections, LLC.

Maybe this would be a great time to begin networking with other inspectors, who have been; (Properly Educated, Tested, Proven, Certified or licensed)? Not to overbook ourself while at the same time not under booking ourselvs either. Keeping in mind that we are trained to provide a valuable comprehensive service, which helps with the peace of mind afforded to the sellers and to the buyers. 

While at the same time entering in the arena where our services are to provide a buffer between the buyer and seller by, aiding real estate agents and brokers with the purchase or sale of a home or property in an efficient and professional allotted amount of time. 

I believe that It's time and that we can accomplish not complicating the matter rather become part of the solution which aids in resolving these complicated or confusing matters. This is one of the main reasons that many States are legislating to Licensing versus Certified home Inspector laws. There isn't only the online to simple home inspection training or education processes, but to add, proctored State overseen exams to take and pass. And the requirements do not stop there; Home inspectors are required to maintain Omissions & Errors insurance. Complete a Continued Education course, to being properly informed with new changes in the laws and codes. Then, being required to prove proof to your State that was accomplished when renewing the Home Inspection License through said State.

NOT ASHI and NOT NACHI, you should look into sharing the wealth, it will come back to you.

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