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I know you are out there and you know who you are.  You have been selling Real Estate for over 10 years.  You are not happy because something is missing but you can't think what IT IS??? You know the market is different yeah but everyone has that issue.  I just came back from time off with my family so I don't need to be away.  I have energy I personally feel great but I can't put my finger on it.  My Team?  Title company is doing great things for me...staying late helping me with marketing and printing my fliers (if they are not call me).  I refer to a great Home Warranty Sales Rep and she responds back to me right away. (if not let me know).  I think I know what it is.  I replaced a long standing relationship with a mortgage person over a year ago.  My new mortgage person doesn't get me.  This person was referred to me by a friend in my office.  I have been in the business longer than him.  Why do I need to tell the borrower everything?  He doesn't want to communicate...He doesn't want to do open houses or offer up any marketing ideas or leads??  No new strategies come across his desk??? I need to make a change!!!

YES you do need to consider replacing your mortgage person for a 23 year Veteran of the Arizona mortgage industry.  One who will sit open houses and who will offer you marketing strategies to strengthen your bottomline.  A Mortgage origingator who works for a company on the cutting edge.  Paperless transactions with cutting edge technology combines for a simple 25 DAY CLOSE.  Yes we specialize in closing in 25 days with appraisals.  Randal Kaufman at First California Mortgage educates, markets and closes!  That is who you need!!! 602 740 6678


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Melanie Thompson
Mortgage Equity Team - Lynchburg, VA
Registered Mortgage Advisor

Terrific post, Randal!

Some in house lenders rotate out more ften than the oil in our well serviced cars. They give  seasoned professionals like us a good name.

We all need great partners who invest in our clients and in our personal success.

I'm actively originating and working a neat listing agent support system. It might be up your alley, too.

Feb 15, 2011 06:07 AM