Nail Clippings and a Few Other Reasons to Buy a Builder's Spec

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Indianapolis Residential ConstructionGross!  Is what she said.

Yes, my client at a recent showing was totally grossed out. It happened when she walked into the master bath of a nicely staged 5 year old resale house. The shower had a bit of mold that looked impossible to treat and there were nail clippings on the floor next to the walk in closet. Needless to say, she ended up choosing a newly minted spec / inventory house by a local builder.

I really can’t blame her after that experience.
Even though this true story is a bit drastic, there are several reasons why purchasing a builders spec may make a lot of sense to you.

Here are a few reasons why buyers go new:

Homebuilder Warranty: Most new homes from a reputable builder come with a new home warranty.  Most warranties from home builders in Indianapolis for example will cover craftsmanship (nail pops, hair line corner cracks, squeaky floors) for a year, mechanicals (HVAC) for two years, the roofing system for five years and the structural integrity (foundation) of the house for 10 years.

Great Perks and Incentives: Builders do not want standing inventory. Just take a moment and think about it, carrying costs can include mortgage interest, heating and cooling costs, landscape maintenance, home maintenance, and even theft.  Because of this, buyers can take advantage of huge incentives on sitting inventory. Everything from additional options and price reductions to financing points are not out of the question.

Latest and Greatest Features and Options: Handscrapped hardwood is all the rage here in Indy. Four year ago, you couldn’t find it in a house. You used to only find pot fillers next to the range on very expensive homes, now they are everywhere.

Green Tech: There is no question that all legit home builders are focused on utilizing materials that will make the home more energy efficient. You now commonly find 90% efficiency furnaces, low-e windows, better insulation, and wider roof overhangs on new homes.

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John Durham
Durham Executive Group - RE/MAX/Results - Woodbury, MN

Definitely gives buyers some things to think about.  While new homes aren't for everybody, there can be a lot of perks as you point out.

Feb 17, 2011 05:11 AM