A scary thought

Real Estate Agent with Heritage Property Brokerage

I have two statistics that will make you shudder a bit, especially if you're a realtor in Great Falls, MT.

Fact: By this time last year, there were 751 houses in town sold. As of today, there are 713 sold this year. It's not much of a difference, only 5%, but it is a difference.

Fact: The number of members in the Great Falls Association of Realtors rose 20% over last year.

Put the two together and it means there are fewer houses for more realtors than last year. And yeah, last year was a real good one, so I'm told... I'm the rookie. But a 20% increase in realtors in one year is a huge jump. The statistics should mean better service for our clients. It also means that those who aren't really trying, I mean really trying, are going to feel the change. It will surely separate the wheat from the chaff.

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