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We are in an ever-changing industry right now, which you can actually experience on a daily basis. Selling Real Estate will never be the way it used to be, and savvy agents know this and are adapting accordingly. If you are one of those agents that think you can continue doing business the "old fashion way", you are in for a surprise. Granted, reputation and repeat business will continue but technology is overtaking the way deals are done.


Every franchise brand and independent brokerage is looking for a better mousetrap. A better way to attract agents, be competitive, appeal to customers and overall sell more property to play in the Real Estate game today. I still believe leadership is most important in a brokerage. You could give away new cars as an attempt to recruit agents but if your office and the leadership are not where it needs to be, agents will not move. It used to be about commission splits and other financial incentives to woo agents over to your brokerage, but those days are gone as well.


Agents these days want more. More money in their pocket, more tools and technology and above all, more leads to generate business. Profit sharing plans and financial incentives on the backs of other agents are great, when they work, but the key in my opinion to building a successful brokerage is and will be, lead generation. You see, this has incredible residual effect on an agent and the brokerage. More leads equates to more business which equates to more money to the brokerage and ultimately the agent.


At EXIT Realty, we have an incredible financial incentive formula that really works, and provides additional income to agents and their families. Our focus is on providing a financially stable brand that offers brokerage growth support, agent growth support, and the tools, technology and training to not only compete, but to dominate in every marketplace. We understand the value of lead generation and offer options for this in every area. Since we collect no percentages off the top and only a small transaction fee, we vest ourselves with our associates to help them in these important areas. We know at EXIT that if we can get our associates more productive and focused on their core business of selling Real Estate, everyone wins through our solid formula.


The next generation of Real Estate is undoubtedly "less is more". Less overhead, better flexibility to agents and simple solutions like lead generation in a brokerage provide incredible value to agents and their brokers. Allowing agents to "plug in to your technology so they can do what they do best efficiently makes good business sense. Good leadership recognizes this and attends conferences and technology training to keep on the cutting edge of the evolution of Real Estate. If you are not engaged and passing down this all-important wisdom to your associates, your competition is and they will certainly pass you by. Keep your head in the game and your eye on the ball and don't be discouraged by the market, it is improving before your eyes.

Mark Lomas
Santa Barbara Real Estate - Santa Barbara, CA
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We're taking back the MLS and telling the data mining companies to take a hike. They're parasites, and Southwest and America airlines just changed the rules. Here's the future of real estate, big class action law suit against NAR and other associations? Has the time come?!!!

Are Realtors Stupid?
by Houston real estate broker Tim Ziffle


It's fascinating to watch how Realtors allow their National (NAR) and local Realtor association's actions undermine their  profession.  Amazingly, Realtors pay horrendously high fees to their Associations for access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which the public  gets for FREE?


NAR and various local Realtor Associations continue to marginalize their membership by allowing and encouraging data mining parasites (Zillow, Trulia, Homegain, ect.) access to the MLS data that's created on the backs of Realtors, and have led their membership to believe that somehow someway that there is a benefit to having some sort of relationship with these entities?


Real Estate agents create the data, the data mining parasite's market it and try to develop leads to sell back to the very people that created the data? Who allowed this business model to happen? It appears realtors are too naive to know when they’re being exploited? And, what do Realtors and their associations do about any of this? Nothing. No one seems willing to question the relationships between these outside third parties and their Realtor Associations.  Why are we feeding these large online data mining corporations our data? American Airlines and Southwest Airlines just told their data mining parasite to take a hike! Anybody listening?


Now these Associations have finally agreed to aggregate all local MLS systems into a National MLS. The Third Party Data Mining companies are salivating. It can't happen soon enough. The public can now know more about every market in the US than the vast majority of local Realtors could ever know. Like Cramer on Seinfeld says, “they know nothing!” Why are the Realtor Associations out of synch with it’s membership’s best interest?  If Realtors are so stupid, why would anyone use one?


What other industry’s trade Association do you know, that would…

Charge its members thousands of dollars each year to be a member of both the local, state and national Associations and then, require its individual members to spend huge amounts of time, money, gas, effort, collecting /photographing and inputting tons of information into the members collective Association database , then tells its members that it will now give all their information to their competitors for an UNSHARED FEE ,and ultimately, to the public for free? 

Does anyone remember what real estate was like when we controlled our MLS data? Why has it been decided that placing these third parties between the Realtors that create the data, and prospective buyers and sellers a good thing? Anyone that remembers when we ran our own MLS systems will grasp the significance of this.

NAR is now advising its members that their Association NOW intends to combine all their individual member’s information into a giant national database, and give that away for free to the public - so there is  no need for the public to continue to believe that there are valid reasons why they should hire the Association’s members for their individual knowledge, expertise and counsel.   NAR then has the audacity to tell its Association members that their LIFE-LONG CAREER ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVES are looking out for the individual member’s best interest, and to make sure that all the future information they collect and input into the database must be correct and timely , or they will be fined by their association?

The individual association members continue to actually believe whatever their Associations tells them, and continue to send in their thousands of dollars each year to their Associations, in order to ensure the continuation of their MINDLESS REALTOR ASSOCIATION CULT! WHY?(Many members even proudly wear a REALTOR pin to demonstrate their individual stupidity, and official cult membership status!) Are Realtors Stupid?

Tim Ziffle is a real estate broker in Texas

Feb 18, 2011 04:14 AM