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A couple of years ago we got a call from a friend, like so many other folks, his daughter and son-in-law had gotten themselves in some financial trouble and were losing their home.  Being proud, they had not told anyone until the wheels had been turning for a while.  Our friend asked us if we could help, but unfortunately it was too late...foreclosure and bankruptcy were imminent.

We were able to get them into a nice rental home, nothing fancy, but it served the needs of their fairly large family very well.

Since the financial difficluties had stemmed from a layoff, the affected couple took whatever work they could find and managed to make ends meet.

Fast-forward: after working his butt off, starting his own business, paying off their old debts, this hard-working family just purchased a new home.  Not that this isn't enough, the new home is at least twice as large as the old one, has a great vaulted ceiling in the family room, a large finished lower level, etc...etc...etc.  Best of all was the tears of joy from her and the look on his face as she thanked him for all he did.

Sometimes I really love this business.........

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