Humanizing technology

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This market will turn folks.  Those who embrace people AND technology will make it, what am I saying "make it" you will prosper, even more than this last boom, remember there are A LOT less of us out there.  People want to know that you geniunely care about their "story", if they can sense you don't care they probably won't work with you and if you don't utilitze technology you will get slammed by your competition regardless of whether your an "expert" or not.  There is a phenomenom that has occured as a result of social media-MILLIONS of people who never would have touched technology are now completely involved in it, because they realize that they can connect with people.  My mother is a perfect example-2 years ago she didn't have a cell phone or a computer, she could barely use her TV remote without help, as tech challenged as they come.  My mom, who just turned 60 has a cell phone and a facebook account which she uses every day AND she watches all of the videos I produce. Technology has become friendly in many ways!  Those of us who learn how to "humanize" technology will win big!  What does that mean?...well it means if you use technology it has to involve real interaction.  We are in a market that requires us to find demand not just wait for it.  We have to give buyers a REASON to buy and sellers a REASON to sell, we have to incite demand and we can use technology to do it.  So be patient people and keep learning, when this market turns people will need to hire a lot of people to handle the demand, our ranks are slimmer and hopefully smarter.  Have a great weekend!



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