The Value of a Seasoned Realtor

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The Value of the Seasoned Realtor

Whether personally or professionally, have you ever had one of "those" days.  They are the days that by 3:00, you wish you could pull the covers back over your heads and start the day over (...or not!).  I have been in this business for over 10 years and I can say, I have had plenty of not so wonderful days.  The real estate business has a special way of throwing you curve balls, sometimes on a daily basis. 

I have been blessed with the God given ability to perservere and push through but there is a HUGE difference between a "seasoned" realtor and a "burnt" realtor.  The seasoned realtor assesses the situation, highlights the good points, reflects upon their own actions,  and uses the unfortuante circumstance to grow. 

I was thinking about this as I had finished preparing dinner the other night.  I pulled a beautiful rib eye off of my cast iron skilled with it's perfect crust and cooked to a beautiful warm pink center.  My perfectly cooked steak was a joy to see and a joy to devour.  As we muddle through our difficult experience we can allow these difficulties to allow us to form an insatiable, tantilizing crust to our clients while keeping a warm heart.   

Be careful to not become the burnt realtor.. whose salty, negative attitude create an uncomfortable atmosphere.  Those who are constantly trying to find out how everyone else is getting their business.  Those who assault everyone within arms length about their most recent terrible experience and how life is hopeless.  The words that come out of the mouth reflect your heart.  Don't take me wrong, I enjoy telling a good war story or two every once in a while but we all have to bridal our negativity and move on to something more positive.  If you are incessantly complaining and full of bad thoughts, choose today to begin by changing your enviornment.  Get some exercise, surround yourself with some positive successful people.    The next time you feel like incessantly complaining think about that burnt piece of chicken that sucks the moisture out of your mouth... you are the burnt realtor that is sucking the good energy out of everyone around you!

By the way, if you are a newly licensed realtor and haven't had the opportunity to develop your own finely seasoned crust, make sure you are in a real estate office that can pair you with a mentor who can help you navigate through the turbulent waters of real estate.  Access to great experience is as important as having your own. 

To sum it up, choose to do something positive today.  Wear your seasoning proudly, learn from your mistakes and if you do make a mistake a simple apology (without an excuse) goes a long way.  My best lessons in life and in business have been my most difficult, heart wrenching lessons... but I learned and those experiences have improved me both personally and professionally.

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If I screw up, I just cut off the burnt part and put it down the garbage disposal. I don't leave it on the counter to remind me I had an issue. If it is not quite burnt, but overcooked, I use it for veggie beef soup. Soup feeds the soul as well as the tummy.

If you have lemons, make lemon aid.

Feb 20, 2011 08:11 AM