Dealing with New Home Builders 'A Cautionary Tale!' Why Buyer's Need An Agent Representing Them.

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Dealing with New Home Builders 'A Cautionary Tale!' Why Buyer's Need An Agent Representing Them.

Dealing with New Home Builders 'A Cautionary Tale!' Why Buyer's Need An Agent Representing Them.

Jane and Jack Buyer have decide their home is too small. It is time for them to buy up into a larger home. Jane loved the agent they used to buy their current home and knows that they will list with this agent.

Cindy Realtor lists their home and asks them about their plans for their next home. Being prepared after the listing interview she had over the phone with Jane and Jack she has a list of properties that are in their area of interest. She advises them to drive by the homes and let her know if the area interests them. They set a time to look at properties the following Saturday.

Saturday starts with viewing preowned properties from the list. Very early on Cindy can tell that Jane and Jack are not going to find all that they are looking for in the preowned homes that are available. Luckly for Jane and Jack a new neighborhood is opening up and there are lots still available to build on.

Cindy takes Jane and Jack to meet with the builder. The meeting goes very well, and the builder offers an incentive of $20,000 off the base price for Jane and Jack to write a contract to build. They decide to move forward and build.

After meeting with the builder Jane and Jack speak with Cindy about what upgrades they want to make to the base model so it will fit their needs. Cindy makes a list of all the upgrades in preparation for the upcoming meeting with the builder. They discuss strategy to get the most for their money and still get the upgrades the want.

Cindy Realtor sets an appointment with the builder to meet and make an offer. At the meeting the builder informs Jane and Jack that the base price on the home he will build is $329,000, with the $20,000 incentive the sales price will be $309,000. The builder brings out a contract for $309,000. Cindy Realtor steps in and asks what about the upgrades they had discussed in the first meeting. The builder tells them that they can amend to add them at a later date. Catching on quickly and being savvy to how contracts work Cindy advises Jane and Jack to make all the upgrades part of the initial offer. Jane and Jack get the house they want with over 15K in upgrades and 20K initial price reductions, all because they were smart enough to hire a REALTOR.

Another happy ending for a smart homebuyer!

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Cindy Cranston and Faye Taylor are the Total Edge Team Realtors® with Keller Williams Realty Heritage living and doing business in the South Texas, San Antonio, Floresville and La Vernia, Texas market. They represents both homeowners and home buyers in these market areas.They specialize in military family and distressed properties. They enjoy the great rewards gained by helping our military heroes and their families buy or sell their home, and assisting distressed homeowners to sell their home and avoid foreclosure.

Cindy has been involved with the  United States military her entire life; First as a proud military brat while her father served, then as a Medical Technician in the Air Force, and for the past 14 years as a military wife to her career military husband.

Cindy~ 'Having been around the military my whole life gives me a unique perspective on the challenges that face a military family. I am uniquely qualified to understand this situation from all angles, and enjoy helping relieve some of the burdens caused by your military PCS.'

Faye has earned a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation from the National Association of Realtors®. The CDPE designation makes her uniquely qualified to assist homeowners who risk losing their homes. She works diligently with loan mitigation, asset managers and the homeowner to find an alternative to foreclosure.

Faye~ 'Working with homeowners and families to help them avoid a bank foreclosure is truly rewarding. The prospect of foreclosure can be financially and emotionally devastating, it's important to understand your options. CDPE has equipped me to help homeowners navigate this process and guide them to their best course of action.'

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Laura Sargent
Carolina One Real Estate - Mount Pleasant, SC

We truly only want the best for our clients!  Get it in writing!  Nice Job

May 12, 2011 05:17 AM
Cindy Cranston
Fulmer Realty- Floresville, LaVernia, San Antonio - San Antonio, TX


Always get it writing. So many just turn their clients over to the builder. Tsk Tsk. Thanks for contributing!

May 13, 2011 05:30 PM