Norristown Home Inspector Loves Maple Syrup, Can't attend Festival

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Norristown Home Inspector Loves Maple Syrup, Can't attend Festival

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It's true.  My wife, Tina, loves her natural sweetner and she's made me a fan of Maple Syrup, as well.  It's too bad we won't be able to attend the Maple Sugar Festival in Norristown, PA on March 5, 2011. No, I didn't schedule any home inspections that day.  It happens to be my birthday and we made other plans.



     Tina stopped cooking and baking with processed foods last year, so that means no more white sugar!  One of her favorite natural sweeteners is Maple syrup because it's a useful antioxidant and has more minerals and less calories than honey.  Maple syrup also possesses a good amount of zinc which strengthens your immune system, lowers cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis, and doesn't cause insulin spikes which means if you suffer from ADHD, it keeps your mood and concentration in check.    



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There isn't a recipe out there that my wife can't find a sugar substitute for (and not alter the intended taste), whether it's brown rice syrup, honey, molasses, or her favorite maple sugar or maple syrup.



The amazing thing is that you can't tell the difference!  I was a skeptic until she starting taking away those bad sugars I was so used to.  She makes adjustments to the recipe so it will cook properly.  In other words, by added a natural syrup, you have to decrease the liquid from another ingredient in the recipe.  She also decreases the oven temperature by 25 degrees to prevent crystalization.  It's a science that suites her well and I'm one of the beneficiaries.  


This Norristown Home Inspector loves Maple Syrup, can't attend the Festival.  For those who can, here's the information:  

Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

The Maple Sugar Festival is a FREE family-friendly event where volunteers demonstrate the process of maple syrup production.  You can walk around to various stations to discover the process and history of maple sugar.  It is located at John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove; 1201 Pawlings Road in Norristown, PA 19403.  See the map below!



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Maple Sugar Festival in Norristown, PA

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Elizabeth Byrne
Keller Williams Realty - Arlington, VA
Arlington Virginia Real Estate

Thank you for suggesting Maple Syrup as a sweetener - I need to try it. I've never had Thai Red Chili Tuna before - I'm adding it and maple syrup, to my shopping list next time I visit Trader Joe's.

Have a great weekend!

Mar 04, 2011 06:22 AM
Elyse Berman, PA
LoKation Real Estate - Boca Raton, FL
Boca Raton FL (561) 716-7824

I love these type of events.  Happy Birthday!  Hope you have a wonderful day.

Mar 06, 2011 03:17 PM
David Artigliere
Reading, Pottstown, Norristown, Philadelphia - Collegeville, PA
ARTI Home Inspections, ASHI Certified Home Inspect

@ Elizabeth, good choice on where you get your maple syrup if you can't get up North!

@ Elyse, yes it was a great day.  Thanks.

Mar 07, 2011 12:58 AM
Gloria Todor
Premier Property Sales & Rentals - Springfield, PA
& Doug Durren (484) 431-3686 in SE PA

David, That is an amazing step that you are all taking to eat healthy!  Good for you!  I love maple syrup on my pancakes, but have not tried it as a substitute for sugar.   Will have to give it a shot.  I use honey in my tea, and unprocessed sugar.

Wow, Mill Grove....when I was a kid in Bridgeport (near King of Prussia), my dad used to take me and a few of my sibling to Mill Grove.  It was such a treat to see the stuffed birds and run the grounds and woods along the Perkiomen.  I even swam in the Perkiomem before they banned it at Oaks.  We used to call Mill Grove - Audubon Shrine.  Thanks for the flashback!


Mar 09, 2011 03:57 PM
David Artigliere
Reading, Pottstown, Norristown, Philadelphia - Collegeville, PA
ARTI Home Inspections, ASHI Certified Home Inspect


Interesting bit of background on "Mill Grove-Audubon Shrine".  Thanks for reading!

Mar 10, 2011 02:33 AM