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WRIST MLS Sales Stats - 2010 Compared to 2009

Below please find a summary of our key sales statistics as compiled by WRIST, our MLS.  WRIST covers Auglaize, Champaign, Clark, Logan, Mercer, Miami, and Shelby Counties.  The information is set up to compare the full year 2010 against the full year 2009.  If you open the link below, you will see the same twelve month period going back to 2003.

For the entire WRIST sales area:

All Counties                                       2009                       2010                       % Change to 2009

Number Sold:                           3618                  3829                       +5.83%                                

Average Sold Price:                   $103,838            $98,715                   -4.93%

Total Sold Volume:                   $375,685,099      $377,979,443            +.61%

Average Days on Market:           145                    135                          -10

Average Original List Price:         $115,994            $110,690                 -4.57%

Average List/Sale Price Ratio:     89.52%               89.18%                   -.34%

Clark Only                                           2009                       2010                       % Change to 2009

Number Sold:                            1005                  1028                       +2.29

Average Sold Price:                    $93,528             $88,274                   -5.6%

Total Sold Volume:                    $93,996,023       $90,745,486             -3.46%

Average Days on Market:            130                    124                         -6

Average Original List Price:         $103,164            $98,158                   -4.85%

Average List / Sales Price Ratio: 90.66                   89.93                     -.73%

For Champaign County:

Champaign Only                              2009                       2010                       % Change to 2009

Number Sold:                          272                    288                    +5.88%

Average Sold Price:                 $89,668              $94,256               +5.12%

Total Sold Volume:                 $24,389,573        $27,145,755        +11.30%

Average Days on Market:          137                         144                         +7

Average Original List Price:      $102,119              $107,367              +2.13%

Average List / Sales Price Ratio: 87.81                     87.79                     -.02

As shown above we are seeing more homes sold this year compared to last year.  The total value of the homes sold (Total Sold Volume) was flat across the MLS area, down in Clark and up in Champaign County.  Sadly however, individual home values continue to deteriorate with the happy exception of Champaign County which enjoyed a 5% increase.  From a pricing perspective, homes are selling for roughly 90% of their original list prices. 

When you dig deeper into the sales figures we are working in a bifurcated market.  The low end, meaning distressed or discounted reo properties priced below $80k is strong, as is the higher end, houses listed at $225k and higher.  This trend became more obvious in the 4th quarter. 

An alternative way to look at this is to drill down to individual MLS areas.  Areas that have been less affected by foreclosures and vacancies are holding their own.  Areas that have been on a down trend for years continue to deteriorate.  Urbana, the far northeast area of Springfield, German and Moorefield Townships for instance appear to be improving.  Springfield Township's numbers are affected by lower priced home price deterioration in areas such as Limecrest and Sunnyland.

We appear to be in somewhat better shape this year than last year as we move through the first quarter of 2011.  Even against last year's tax credit driven / influenced market, we appear to be holding our own - and that is good news for buyers and sellers.  It is important to remember that we continue to see well priced, well presented, and well maintained houses attracting very good offers, and in some cases, even multiple offers.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.  If you know of anyone thinking of buying or selling a home, call me, I promise to take great care of them.

Chris McAllister  937-390-3715


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