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When I was a boy, my father continually feed me a diet of one or two line sayings that have stayed with me all my life. Many of these sayings, we have all heard at one time or another.

  • "Never be afraid to make a mistake, just never make the same one twice." - I 've made the same one more than twice but never more than 10 or so.


  • "If you are going to drink at lunch, drink beer or scotch, not gin or vodka. You want people to know you're drunk, not stupid." - Not sure this one applies today, but this came from a era when you were offered a drink whenever you visited an executive office. No DIU laws then either.


  • "Don't try, just do." - Yoda had nothing on him. He maintained if you always did your best, it would get better.


  • "Treat people with respect, and you will earn theirs." - What can I say.


One summer day when I was 12, he asked me if I wanted to go on an overnight road trip while he checked on a project. He was in road construction and the project was 350 miles away. I thought it would be fun, so I said yes.

We left the next morning and as we entered the job site, we came across a man up on a ladder loading dynamite into a blasting hole. A young fellow on the ground was tossing sticks of dynamite up and the old blaster would catch them and stuff them into the hole (although he sometimes missed a stick or two which would fall back to earth - I ducked). Anyway my dad stopped the car and called the man down off the latter. I had never heard my dad swear until that moment and every second word was f*** this, f*** that.

When he finished the conversation, he got back into the car and without looking at me, he said, "There is a time and a place for everything. Do you think he would have listened to me if I had said 'golly, gee, darn'."

He's been gone these past 25 years and I just wanted to say "miss ya dad".


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Brett Noel
Keller Williams - Paso Robles, CA
Great story, especially about missing dad ;)
Sep 24, 2007 09:34 AM
Karen Webster...Grand Rapids, MI Realtor
5 Star Real Estate, Grand Rapids MI - Grand Rapids, MI

It really was the great generation.  They went through the Depression and WWII, and they did it without antidepressants!

Every now and then, one of my mom's sayings floats into my brain and makes me smile.  My fave was "Lie down with dogs and you'll get up with fleas."  It was her response to my friendship with a girl she thought was a bad influence.

Karen Webster

5 Star Real Estate

Grand Rapids, MI

Sep 24, 2007 09:56 AM
Brad Snyder
Sierra Vista Realty - Sierra Vista, AZ

Thanks for the great story and tips!

Have a great week!

Sep 24, 2007 09:58 AM
Jeff Shields
RE/MAX Anchor Realty - Qualicum Beach, BC
REALTOR Qualicum Beach, BC

Brett: Thanks for the comments. Although I miss him, my thoughts of him bring me joy.

Karen: He told me stories of the depression. He was shot down over Germany during WWII and spent 22 months in a POW camp - only talked about it once, on my 16th birthday. Said I could ask any questions I wanted that day, but to never bring it up again. Their wisdom, I hope, gets passed down to our kids.

Brad: Glad you enjoyed it.

Deborah: He was.

Oct 03, 2007 06:50 AM