Real Estate Investor Meeting near Norristown, PA

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Real Estate Investor Meeting near Norristown, PA

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Have you ever been to a Diversified Investor Group (DIG) meeting?  If not, you should stop by this Thursday, 2/24/11, and see what they are about.  This month, they have a national speaker, Vena Jones Cox, coming in to teach you "How to Make $5K to $10K in the next 30 days".  



Here is what DIG's website says about the upcoming meeting this Thursday:


"This month, Vena Jones-Cox (AKA the Real Estate Goddess) will show us all how to wholesale properties right here in our market. When you attend this meeting, you’ll learn:

·  How wholesaling works today, and what you need to do to get started right now

·  Which properties in which areas make for the most profitable, easiest-to-sell wholesale deals

·  How to make the right offer—the one that will make you $5,000 or more in cash—every time

·  How to put a property “under contract” in a no-risk way that allows you to get out if you can’t sell the deal

·  How to find tons of anxious cash buyers for your deals

·  How to get your cash up front, before the closing, and never have to buy a wholesale deal before you sell it!

Vena is well known for her ability to simplify tough concepts so that even a brand-new investor can easily grasp them, and for the incredible amount of information she packs into her presentations. So bring a notepad, bring a friend, and get to this meeting—it will change your financial life forever!"


If you miss this meeting, don't worry, DIG has monthly meetings on the last Thursday of every month.  Your first meeting is free!  The monthly meetings are at the Holiday Inn in Ft Washington, PA and doors open at 6pm.


As a Home Inspector in Norristown, PA and surrounding, I always learn
something new by attendingarti home inspections llc these meetings.  I have been a real estate investor and rehabber on my own properties since 1997, so it is good for me to network and see what other investors are doing, what contractors they are using, and how the economy is impacting their business.  I will be at the next meeting, so stop by my table and say "Hi!"



Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or seasoned real estate investor, you need a
Home Inspector you can trust!  

Call David Artigliere with ARTI Home Inspections LLC at 610-220-1907 or
visit us at for more information.

Real Estate Investor Meeting near Norristown, PA
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david the home inspectorDavid Artigliere, owner of ARTI Home Inspections LLC, is a home inspector in Pottstown, Reading, Norristown, Royersford and surrounding areas. 

He is available 7 days a week and can be reached at 610-220-1907.

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