The Merchandiser: Direct Mail Advertising Effectively Targeting Markets With Potential Buyers In Montgomery County, MD


The Merchandiser: Direct Mail Advertising Effectively Targeting Markets With Potential Buyers In Montgomery County, MD      Chris Conlan cell ph# 301-351-2887

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Is it difficult to find qualified leads for your business?

Well, not for The Merchandiser Magazine.  For more than 29 years, it has effectively generated qualified leads for businesses in the DC-metro area including MD, VA & DC, and has established an army of loyal readers.


Why The Merchandiser Is So Effective:Carpenters working on renovating kitchen counter and brown cabinets

•·         This direct mail marketing magazine is sent through the U.S. Postal Service within Montgomery County, MD to single family homes only (no apartments), where residents typically have more disposable income to purchase goods and services. This is where your valuable advertising dollars receive the highest ROI (Return On Investment).

•·         Their direct mail marketing campaign is results-oriented due to a call tracking system, which insures that qualified lead information is not lost and is verifiable.

•·         In 2011 they upgraded their direct mail magazine to an all-glossy finish, which enhances colors, professional appearance, and most importantly catches the discerning eyes of potential buyers.

•·         Advertising exclusivity is offered to businesses within niche categories including: home service contractors, professional services, auto services and some retail businesses, to name a few.

•·         Businesses utilize this direct mail advertising vehicle to market special savings, valuable coupons, and inviting incentives encouraging buyers to purchase their goods and services.  

•·         The Merchandiser's advertising strategy targets prospective buyers in specific zip codes of Montgomery County, MD with exciting personality and comfortable familiarity.

•·         As an extra bonus, your advertisement is working for you on-line 24/7 at where potential buyers simply type in their zip code with the service/product needed, and the provider for that geographic area appears.  



Benefits The Merchandiser Offers Your Business:  Mechanic working on an engine with blue shirt and red cap in auto repair shop

•1.     Writer drafts an enticing article about your company or service

•2.     In-house photographer shoots an inviting picture for the advertisement

•3.     Design team creates an effective layout for your business category

•4.     Tracks and monitors all leads for accountability

•5.     Identifies highest impact ROI advertising strategies for future campaigns

•6.     New in 2011, gives you restaurant discounts of 50-90% off at Montgomery County, MD restaurants


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 A Little Bit of History

Owners Matt & Cindy Griswold and Sr. Sales Manager Chris Conlan are all native-Washingtonians and know the DC-metro area better than anyone in the direct mail advertising business.  Chris routinely develops his clients' marketing campaigns by identifying strategic geographic markets and targeting potential buyers of his clients' products and services through his powerful direct mail marketing magazine.  

Call Chris today at 301-351-2887 and mention this blog to receive up to  $300.00 off  your first direct mail marketing campaign.  Call for Details.


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Jun 20, 2011 03:33 PM