No Urban Chickens in Great Falls MT - For Now.

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No Urban Chickens in Great Falls MT - For Now.


Great Falls MT usually tends fall a little behind the curve when it comes to new issues and resolutions.  So when it came to the issue of Urban Chickens it was no surprise to me that several other cities in the state have already addressed this new "fad" and Great Falls is just now dealing with it.  Helena, Bozeman, Missoula and Whitefish have already legalized Urban Chickens.

A recent meetinUrban Chickens and Real Estate in Great Falls MTg of the Great Falls Planning Board took up the issue.

Even with the support of CLUC - Citizens for the Legalizing of Urban Chickens, the proposed ordinance that would have allowed residents in some zoning districts to keep no more than 6 female chickens, and no roosters, was shot down by the Great Falls Planning Board.

Residents in R-1 residential suburban zoning districts are already permitted to have chickens and will be allowed to continue doing so. But, the Great Falls City Commission will have to address the issue of new zoning at its March 15th Meeting.

The issue of Urban Chickens first came to light in Great Falls in 2009 when two residents who were raising chickens in their Prospect Heights backyard started prompting complaints to the city.  It seems their neighbors don't want to see and hear chickens from their backyards. 

I can't say I blame them.  My neighbor can't even keep his dog in his backyard.

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