Puget sound investors are coming back in to the Real Estate market to buy investment homes.

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That's right.  Smart investment money is starting to come off the sidelines as those investors recognize the value in Puget Sound real estate.  Prices have adjusted to value levels, and in some cases, way below value levels.  That brings the folks who have been sitting on the bench into the game.  And that is good news because it helps to shape the perception of others. 

Of course it's always about location as location proves value.  A quality product in a quality location at a value price.  That's the shape of the current market.

Should you be buying right now in our Seattle Tacoma area? It sures seems like the value is there. Anytime you can buy at the same cost of renting, which is about what we have, the time to buy is upon us. As an investor myself, we are looking at some homes to buy as investment and you might think about buying now too.

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