How do people get to your WordPress Blog?

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At Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc - TeamPrimary we hold free social media classes every few weeks to help our business partners with their social media. In our most recent class we learned something pretty cool about WordPress Blogs and what people type to get to your blog! 

Did you know that there is actually a way that you can go into your WordPress Blog and see what people typed in their searches to get to your blog! To do this, just follow these simple instructions: 

1. Go to and log onto your blog

2. Click on the tab for My Blog and click Site Stats

3. And then you just scroll down to where it says Search Engine Terms

When you click on Search Engine Terms it will show you all the things that people typed in to get to your blog!

For Example:

This is just one more reason why you shouldn't just blog about the industry that you are in!  When you blog about other things and people are searching for them, it could bring them to YOUR blog!

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