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Not just another business book!


As I venture on a new path in my life, and thrive in some self appreciating way with a claim that "I am an entrepreneur", I am often immersed in business type books or biographies of those who have seen SUCCESS in their ventures. I subscribe to all sorts of gurus to get a feel of their thoughts in business; however, a tempered and chiseled demeanor after many years as a cop often put me in a state of caution as some law of attraction brings another one to my attention.


No one likes that which may be often described as 'trash' or a cleaver gimmick to waste the time we all hold dearly.


When I first started reading some posts on active|rain by some of the very knowledgeable peers I subscribe to, I wondered … What's this all about? I was already feeling comfortable with the four main pillars I was building in my business that has been in constant evolution and is now being fine tuned to my own personal values.


I felt I understood the skills I have and those that I need to work on.


My business was and IS evolving. But then … all the hoopla drew my attention. I started to explore Stefan Swanepoel's new book (set for release on March 1).






And yes - there was a cleaver gimmick … of marketing … one of the four pillars I understood to be fundamental, and  we all readily recognize every day.  And,  there was a great little quiz 'What animal am I' to exhibit one's dominant trait.  The slick marketing with the use of the social networking media raised  my interest.


And then I downloaded the first couple of chapters for a read … and I have to say WOW!

The book is not of the non-fiction business type I had become use to and is of a  story telling format that put vivid pictures in my mind.  It is not just about business .  It is about Life.  The skills explained may not have been previously unfamiliar to me - but they made -oh so much sense- as they related to an innate part of all life. 


'Surviving Your Serengeti' will definitely be part of the library!



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Stefan Swanepoel

Glad you enjoyed Surviving Your Serengeti Len, and thank you for taking the time to post a review. Much appreciated! Best wishes.

Stefan Swanepoel
Author: Surviving Your Serengeti


Aug 06, 2011 07:24 AM
Len Kobewka
Prairie Scapes / Scape-it™ - Calgary, AB
You Can Scape-it

Thanks for the note Stefan.  You wrote a gem!   ... Len

Aug 07, 2011 04:27 AM