Kitchen Renovation Part II Measure Twice Cut Once!

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We had our granite counter tops placed, and waited for the epoxy to dry. During this time our Granite Company coordinated to bring out the back splashes for Monday.

You can tell when things aren't going correctly, right off. They were scheduled to be here at the house at 8:30 but I got the call that they will be there at 10:30. They arrived and looked as if they were in a rush. A quick look into the back of the truck showed enough granite for two or more kitchens. I think they were operating behind the curve that day.

The first piece of granite was prepared. They came in, measured the location of the plug outlets as they had to do the cut on site. They ran outside, I could hear the stone saw as they were cutting away. Then it was brought it in the house. Once placed in position, I noticed something odd.

Instead of matching up correctly the outlet holes looked a bit off. The crew thinking maybe they were backwards or upside down tried to maneuver the 500 lb sheet of granite to make it fit. It just was not working.

It was a moment of epiphany, the realization of a "Major" mistake.

The first comment from the supervisor was "Measure twice cut once" His next comment was that he acknowledged that he bought a $500.00 piece of granite. Not totally detoured from his mission he continued the installation of the rest of the kitchen. Measuring twice each cut by placing the uncut piece in place and drawing out the cut on the granite and finished out the rest of the kitchen, knowing he would be back again today.

Granite Warehouse Forman

The almost finished Kitchen looks great but the lesson learned from this is that we like the supervisor do get ahead of ourselves and forget to make sure we do the basics when we are working with our clients. Most of our issues are caused by our inattention to detail we too need to Measure Twice and Cut Once in our real estate business.

Almost Finished!

Almost Finished

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Charles Pecka
Keller Williams Realty - Clarksville, TN
Just had to add the pictures!
Sep 25, 2007 07:00 AM