Good idea for agents!

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams/Lehigh Valley Homes TV

Hey everyone.  Inventory levels in my market are ridiculously high right now, approx 18-20 months worth of homes for sale.  You would figure that my colleagues would do everything they can to make their listings stand out, especially with the photography, but that is not the case!  I have seen hundreds of recent listings that are just flat out "horrible".  I stink at photography myself and I never felt comfortable investing a lot of money in a camera that I would need to take classes to learn how to operate, so I figure I would find a pro to take the photos for me and offer it as part of my marketing package.  Well photographers can be expensive especially good ones but one day I came across a flyer from a recent college grad offering her photography skills to realtors.  I checked out some of her work on line and I was impressed.  Besides being a great photographer she only charges $15.00/hr for her work.  On average it takes 2 hours for the photograph session and editing, so for $30.00 I get great photos and offer it as a part of my marketing program which includes a staging consultation.  So my advice is to find a post college grad with some skills who is looking for work and hire him or her if your not good at photography.  Good pics go a long way in this market!  

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