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Your past customers are the most powerful people on your sales and marketing team. Don't you wish they could sit on your shoulder and tell everyone how great you are; how you helped them with their mortgage; how you changed their lives!

The single most powerful method of subtle endorsement is the all-important testimonial. When you say something about yourself it's considered bragging. When your past clients say it about you - it's proof.

Here are a few suggestions on the right kind of testimonials:

- Client testimonials need to be phrased in a way that show action. " I have used a competitor for my last mortgage, but I switched to ABC Mortgage, and you should too."
- A testimonial should overcome an objection. "I first thought their closing costs were too high, but I closed my loan with Jane Smith after she showed me how to save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan."
- A testimonial should reinforce a claim. "When I refinanced my home, I was able to get the money I needed to pay for my son's college tuition."
- A testimonial should have a happy ending. "I needed to close on the purchase of my new home in a hurry, and Ron Gonzales was the one who pulled it off for me."

Where To Begin:
Start with your clients from last quarter, and approach them with what you need. If you have done a great job for your clients they will be happy to help. Publish your testimonials in your office, on the back of your business cards, on your website and on your marketing campaigns. There's no faster way to put a new clients at ease.


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