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If your a home owner looking for help with a Loan Modificaiton or short sale it is very important to make sure your not being "sold" and your actually getting help.

There are a lot of comments out there that homeowners can do their own loan modification however I would be very careful.  

In choosing an attorney to work with on your loan modifications you also want to make sure that they will be doing the necessary work to stop your foreclosure and get your loan modified.

In the past 30 days I have gotten two Trial mods approved, which to me is good however in a seminar I was at last week I was very surprised to hear other attorneys in the same field to say the can not get a trial payment approved.

I have been doing loan mods for about 3 years and working with my attorney for about 2 years.  I also have an excellent track record.  i have had several homeowners find me after trying unsuccesfully to modify their home loan themselves.

I am also succesfull at stopping foreclosure sales as long as my client submits the necessary paperwork a minimum of 8 business days before the sale.  I have stopped sales with less notice but not a good idea!!!

There are also necessary documents and worksheets I submit with my loan mod package that apparently a lot of other attorneys have not heard of and were not using. 

We do a QWR for every client as well as a Net presnt Value worksheet.  The NPV worksheet is extremely important.  The underwriters use it you need to know if you qualify for the new mortgage payment and at what minimum maximum payments are needed.


Think about it like this, your home is a large investment, dont skimp on $4000 - $6000 trying to stop a foreclosure and modifying your loan to make sure your not getting illegal fees added to your balance.


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