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We made the news again and it wasn't the heat wave or flooding.  It was snow.  It took three hours to snow blow my little driveway.  I usually exercise in the morning before starting my day...but this day was different. 

I looked outside and thought I'll get more than enough exercise just clearing the snow.  I was right.  I opened the garage door and over a foot had accumulated next to the door with drifts higher in the middle.  Oh well it's just snow, right?Snow Day Anyone?  Call Gary White for Real Estate Options 616-784-2360

My snow blower usually works like a charm but when the snow is higher than the blower chute it has a problem...along with it's operator!

I finally get the drive done.  Now I have to do the street near my mailbox or I don't get mail.  My wife and I call this "Mayberry", we are sure it used to be!

I get a double width car path carved out of the snow to allow the mail truck to swing by our mailbox.  I shut off the engine of the snow blower and come inside with ice on my eyebrows, mustache and snow covered clothing.

I know the streets won't be touched for a day so I am content in the fact that tomorrow we'll be cleared out and my mailbox is accessible.

Tomorrow came and the county hired sub-contractors to clear cul-de-sacs like mine.  They plug my drive and piled the snow in the area I had cleared for the mail truck, then Zoomed away!

I went to the window as they were driving away and with the sea of white couldn't quit tell if they had done a good job but it didn't look like they actually cleared the road.  So I put my coat on grabbed my gloves and ventured out to take a look.  All my work was gone.  Piled hirer than my car roof in front of my mailbox area.

This may seem like a little thing...but gee we work hard in the north not to park on the wrong side of theIt's a bad day when the emergency vehicles get stuck! street, keep our walks clear and mailboxes accessible then we do it all over again when some nit-wit does a sloppy job.  Where did he think that clear spot came from?  The snow missed that spot?

We called the county, they only get a million calls when it snows.  Lucky for us a member of the road commission lives in the neighborhood.  Unlucky for him, I'll bet.  Two days later they came back and looked at it.  The supervisor was very nice.  A little while after his visit another plow shows up and fixes the mess left behind by the contractor.

We called again...this time to say thanks for a job well done.  The supervisor was speechless.  He says we never get a thank you call or a nice made my day.  I'll tell the others your said great job.

We forget many people have thankless jobs.  Real estate agents are among them by the way.  We list homes, do our best to share how to stage, promote and show homes only to have a seller micro manage our efforts and get mad when we don't take their advice they have gotten from a friend, colleague at work or a family relative that has ever sold a home.  When you sell you have done your job.  Your thanks is the commission check and hopefully a smile on the face from the seller or buyer you have helped succeed.

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Gary L. Waters Broker Associate, Bucci Realty
Bucci Realty, Inc. - Melbourne, FL
Eighteen Years Experience in Brevard County

You know it is 85 here today...I have shoveled show a few times and it is definitely a workout!

Feb 26, 2011 09:25 AM