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Tenants In Common (TICs) 1031 Exchange Residential To Commercial

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An exciting time for real estate investors-

For those of you who were kicking yourselves for not purchasing real estate when there were deals to be had, this is your opportunity.  There are plenty of options available and a lot of money to be made on both residential and commercial properties.

Some Residential Sellers have to walk away from any profit, which they would have realized in the recent past.  They are in "must sell" positions.  They need to relocate, downsize, or avoid foreclosure.  They have to compete against numerous other properties on the market.  Savvy real estate investors use as little as their own money as possible. In today's market, most sellers are eager to pay for the buyer's closing costs, as well as any other incentives allowed by the lender.

A motivated and experienced Realtor and investment strategist will help you find a great deal.   Don't forget about multifamily properties and Tics (1031 TIC Exchanges). For those of you who are looking to diversify, or have had trouble identifying 1031 Exchange Properties, TICs are a terrific solution. 

A TIC is a form of real estate asset ownership in which two or more people have an undivided, fractional interest in the asset, where ownership shares are not required to be equal, and where ownership interests can be inherited.

TICs are often formed by organizations for investors who have never met one another, but they possess common investment needs.   The properties and management varies significantly from one TIC company to the next, but in most situations the owners will determine how the property will be managed and by whom.

There are numerous advantages to investing in a TIC program.  They are great for diversifying your portfolio and are readily available.  Ideal for a 1031 Exchange; the owner actually owns a share in the property, not stock as they would in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

Many of the TICs have predictable cash flow and long term leases with institutional, government, or corporate tenants.  They also don't require the hands on management as some of the typical residential investment properties, so this may be a good option for investors who are tired of maintaining properties or collecting rent.

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Please share your TIC marketing ideas with me.
Nov 20, 2006 02:03 AM
Daniel Odio
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Great 1031 insight.  I just launched a 1031 calculator and I'd love your feedback on it:  www.1031summary.com



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Great post! Thanks for the strong referral last month- you rock!

Feb 03, 2007 08:33 AM
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Great post!  Good information. 
Nov 21, 2007 05:55 PM